Corporate Responsibility | Digi


Taking action, 

making an impact! 



Corporate Responsibility | Digi

Citizen Digi.

From disaster recovery to bringing tech education to schools, we’re on a mission to move Belize forward by expanding digital access, supporting causes that foster health and prosperity, and prepare Belizeans for the future





Internet Program | Digi

More digital connections. More Belizean prepared for the future.

Digi’s Free Internet Program offers free DigiNet connections to over 100 primary, secondary and tertiary schools, select Non-Profit Organizations (NPO), and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) across Belize.




Digi Scholarship Program


Become a Digi Scholarship recipient for school year 2024-2025 




Building communities &  

ensuring prosperity.  


We’re coming together to help causes that need our support by reaching beyond products and services to connect with our community and follow through on our promises. It is a pillar of our purpose; the cornerstone of every campaign, innovation and investment. It’s all a part of our plan to lead technological and social advancement in Belize 


Sponsorships & Contributions | Digi

We provide sponsorships & contributions to eligible recipients.

Our funding priorities are aligned around digital/ICT education enhancement, youth & community development. We use online-only applications to enhance our social-distancing measures while safely serving our communities. See if you’re eligible for a Digi Sponsorship.