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  60 Channels & 1 Device 

 3 Days 

Inclusive GST  


30 Days


Inclusive of GST
 $14 when purchased via


7 Days

Inclusive of GST  


100 Channels & 1 Device 


15 Days 


Inclusive of GST

$15 when purchased via



30 Days


Inclusive of GST

$35 when purchased via





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$55 Monthly

Inclusive GST

 140+ Channels 

2 Devices




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DigiTV PrePaid FAQs

How can I purchase DigiTV PrePaid packages?

DigiTV PrePaid packages can be purchased via our PrePaid self-care menus using primary credit or via DigiWallet using Digi-cash.

Dial *1000# to access the popup message menu and *1000 to access the automated voice menu for DigiTV Packages.

Can I purchase multiple DigiTV PrePaid packages with the same PrePaid number?

Only one DigiTV PrePaid package can be active in an instance. If you desire to purchase another package but the current has not yet expired, please contact a Digi representative for assistance by calling 119 or WhatsApp us at 608-8888.

How do I get my Log In information if I purchase a DigiTV PrePaid package?

For first-time customers, a default password will be shared via SMS immediately after purchase. The userID will automatically default as your DigiCell PrePaid number.

For returning customers, you will reuse the last password used to access DigiTV. If you do not recall the password, use the “Forgot your password?” function on the Log In page to get an email with the password associated with your account.

How do I change my password for DigiTV?

If you would like to change your password at any time please contact a Digi representative for assistance by calling 119 or WhatsApp us at 608-8888.

Can I stream DigiTV PrePaid subscriptions on multiple devices simultaneously?

For PrePaid packages, the streams are one per package; for multiple streams you’d need to purchase a monthly PostPaid subscription which have multiple device streaming support. 

How can I verify my DigiTV PrePaid package expiration date?

To check the expiration of your active DigiTV packages dial *1005# to access the popup message menu or *1005 to access the automated voice menu.

Can I use my DigiTV PrePaid package to stream content at home on my television?

Yes, you can use it on any of the compatible devices by downloading from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, Roku and Android TV. Subscribers can also stream via web browsers using . You may also cast from your mobile device to your TV. 


DigiTV PostPaid FAQs

What is DigiTV PostPaid UltraMax?

The UltraMax standalone postpaid package is a TV service which comes with 130+ channels and supports 2 devices streaming simultaneously. This service can be purchased by any DigiCell PostPaid mobile customer.

How do I sign up for DigiTV PostPaid UltraMax?

Anyone who is 18 years or older can sign-up for DigiTV Ultra Max. The person applying must provide a valid Social Security card, non-Belizeans must provide a passport. Visit a DigiStore nearest you to sign up.

Do I need to have a DigiCell PostPaid mobile plan to purchase this service?

Yes, a pre-requisite to getting the UltraMax standalone is having a Starter, Lite, Plus, Elite, or Max or a PrePaid or PostPaid Data Only plan (paid monthly)


Do I need to pay an installation fee and deposit?

There is no installation fee for this service as it is a mobile and web application which can be downloaded readily on any device.

New Digi customers will need to pay a minimum of $50 deposit which can be paid in a Digi Store or online. Existing Digi customers who have another monthly service may need to make an additional deposit. Please call 119 or WhatsApp us at 608-8888 to confirm deposit (if applicable) and request online payment details.

What devices can I download and stream DigiTV on?

DigiTV can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, Roku and Android TV. Subscribers can also stream via web browsers using

Does DigiTV only work on Smart TV’s?

If you don’t have a Smart TV you can still download and stream DigiTV. All you need is a TV with an HDMI port and a fire stick. The DigiTV App is registered to the Amazon App Store and can be found by searching “DigiTV” on the main home page search bar of an active Amazon Fire Stick.

Do I need DigiNet to get DigiTV PostPaid UltraMax ($55)?

DigiTV requires a reliable internet connection. DigiNet is the fastest and most reliable internet service in Belize and would perfectly compliment your DigiTV service. If you have another internet provider, DigiTV will still work.

What internet speed do I need to ensure a good streaming experience?

For optimal experience, we recommend 6 to 10 Mbps per device being used to stream DigiTV. If you plan on streaming multiple devices and are concerned about current speeds, you can upgrade to a DigiONE bundle which comes with up to 50% faster speeds compared to DigiNet Boost plans.