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 DigiNet  DigiNet  DigiNet


Live a simple lifestyle.

30Mbps  /$69

*Plus Modem Rental

Inclusive of GST










Double the family time.

60Mbps  /$109

*Plus Modem Rental

Inclusive of GST


Free Mobile Plan 

6GB PrePaid Data

100 Digi Minutes

100 Text




Gaming to the next level.

120Mbps  /$189

*Plus Modem Rental 

Inclusive of GST


Free Mobile Plan

6GB PrePaid Data, 100 Minutes/Text 


6GB PostPaid Data, Free Minutes/Text

600 OffNet & 100 U.S. Minutes




  DigiNet | Digi Belize


Free DigiTel Home Phone Plan 

300 Hours of International Calls

& Unlimited Digi Minutes





Get reliable internet

for where you live!

These plans feature amazing speeds, powered over a solid, fiber network giving customers high, quality performance internet conncection to their home or office at an affordable monthly cost!

For a limited time enjoy TRIPLE YOUR SPEEDS. Promotions apply to NEW and Existing Customers. 



PrePaid DigiNet

 PrePaid DigiNet

 PrePaid DigiNet


Internet with no strings attached!

Plans you want at affordable prices! Now customers can enjoy DigiNet on a PrePaid Plan starting as LOW as $2.99!

What's even better is that PrePaid DigiNet plans; are CHEAPER and speeds are TWICE as fast! So, dial *900# and purchase a plan today!


 Getting started is easy! 

-  Customer applies for PrePaid DigiNet Service in office;

-  The Technicians installs fiber modem;

-  Customers activates a plan from their designated PrePaid DigiCell number!

-  The number must have sufficient primary credit to buy a plan

-  To activate a plan, dial *900# or *900

-  Select 2 to Buy a Plan

-  Select a Plan to suit your needs

-  Plan is activated and now you can enjoy!



Digi AirNet

 Digi AirNet


Bundle with 

DigiTel & Save!

Residential customers can bundle Digi AirNet at the rates listed below. Business customers can contract BizFone services at the usual rates. 



DigiTel Air Max

$28.13  /monthly             

Price inclusive of GST



DigiTel Air Unlimited 

$56.25 /montlhy                          

Price inclusive of GST




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