DigiNet | Digi Belize


Stream & game more

on the fastest internet

in Belize. Period!


 DigiNet  DigiNet  DigiNet


Live a simple lifestyle.

30Mbps  /$69

*Plus $10 Modem Rental

Inclusive of GST










Double the family time.

60Mbps  /$109

*Plus $10 Modem Rental

Inclusive of GST


Free Mobile Plan 

6GB PrePaid Data

100 Digi Minutes

100 Text




Gaming to the next level.

120Mbps  /$189

*Plus $10 Modem Rental 

Inclusive of GST


Free Mobile Plan

10GB PrePaid Data, 300 Minutes/Text 


6GB PostPaid Data, Free Minutes/Text

600 OffNet & 100 U.S. Minutes




  DigiNet | Digi Belize


Free DigiTel Home Phone Plan 

3 Hours of International Calls

& Unlimited Digi Minutes





Get reliable internet

for where you live!


These plans feature amazing speeds, powered over a solid, fiber network giving customers high-quality performance internet conncection to their home or office at an affordable monthly cost!

For a limited time enjoy TRIPLE YOUR SPEEDS. Promotions applies to NEW and Existing Customers. 



PrePaid DigiNet


Get home internet

on your budget

& on your terms!

 PrePaid DigiNet


Internet with no strings attached!

Plans you want at affordable prices! Now customers can enjoy DigiNet on a PrePaid Plan starting as LOW as $2.99!

What's even better is that DigiNet PrePaid plans are CHEAPER and speeds are TWICE as fast! So, dial *900# and purchase a plan today!


 Getting started is easy! 

-  Customer applies for DigiNet PrePaid Service

-  The Technicians install fiber modem;

-  Customer activates a plan from their designated PrePaid DigiCell number!

-  The number must have sufficient primary credit to buy a plan

-  To activate a plan, dial *900# or *900

-  Select 2 to Buy a Plan

-  Select a Plan that suit your needs

-  Plan is activated and now you can enjoy!



Digi AirNet

 Digi AirNet


Bundle with 

DigiTel & Save!

Residential customers can bundle Digi AirNet at the rates listed below. Business customers can contract BizFone services at the usual rates. 



DigiTel Air Max

$28.13  /monthly             

Price inclusive of GST



DigiTel Air Unlimited 

$56.25 /montlhy                          

Price inclusive of GST




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