We have upgraded your Home Phone service!

With our state of the art Fiber Optic network, you will get a more reliable connection and

MORE offers in one plan!

(Service currently available in selected areas) 




What is DigiTel?

DigiTel is a new home phone product that is supported over a solid fiber network. The New DigiTel plans includes FREE local and international calls to landline and mobile numbers.  


With the deployment of fiber in the coming months, customers will be able to sign up for this service once available within their area.

How can I sign up for DigiTel?

Currently we are deploying fiber in phases countrywide, with the areas listed below being fiber-ready. Any person, living in one of these areas can sign up for DigiTel. Be sure to have a valid ID, preferably Social Security or Passport, and be 18 years or older. Call or visit a Digi Office nearest you, Sign Up Now!

If your area is not on the list below, stay tuned to your local radio stations and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details about the roll out in your district.


DigiTel can be found in these areas below:

  • Belize City
  • Benque Viejo TownBelmopan City
    • San Jose Succotz
  • Corozal Town
    • Calcutta
    • Joseito
    • San Joaquin
    • Xaibe
    • Ranchito
  • Placencia Village
    • Maya Beach
    • Seine Bight
  • San Ignacio
    • Santa Elena
    • Esperanza
  • Ladyville Village
    • Los Lagos
    • Lords Bank
    • Vista Del Mar
  • Orange Walk TownSan Pedro Town
    • San Jose Palmar
    • Trial Farm
    • Pasadita Area
  • Sand Hill Village
  • Hattieville
  • 8 Mile Community
  • Dangriga
  • Hopkins
  • Pomona
  • Independence

What are the prices DigiTel?

When bundled with DigiBasic or DigiDouble, a service fee of just $25 for a DigiTel Max plan is added to the existing DigiNet fees


See table below for more details. 

DigiTel Plans Max Unlimited  
Monthly Fee $30 $60
Fixed (On-Net) Rate $0.03 $0.00
Unlimited Bundle

 Nights & Weekends                           

Mobile On-Net $0.19 $0.00
Mobile Off-Net Anytime $0.50 $0.50

Free International Allowance

(USA, Canada, China, India,Mexico)

120 mins 180 mins
International Special Offer (USA, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominician Republic, Argentina, Bahamas, Venezuela) $0.29 $0.29
United Kingdom  N/A N/A
When sold with DigiBasic and DigiDouble $25  N/A
Fiber Modem - when sold without DigiNet Free Free



  • Calls made outside the plan minutes will be billed at the standard call rates ($0.03 for On-Net calls, $0.29 for USA, Canada, China, India & Mexico (See International Calling Rates for countries not included in the International Special Offer).
  • Effective 1st June 2018, the Fiber Modem rental fee is no longer applicable for customers that only have a DigiTel plan

What is the installation and deposit cost?

Residential customers pay $75 to activate the service or $37.50 if bundled with the DigiNet service. This is a one-time fee that is paid upon sign up.


This charge may vary for Small Business and Corporate Customers. The deposit for residential customers is $50 to $100 depending on the number of services activated under the account. Deposit is waived once bundled with DigiNet. 

What is the difference between Digi’s Home Phone service and DigiTel?

Your current Home Phone service is powered over a copper network. However, with the deployment of fiber, your home phone service quality will be superior. Your phone wire will now be plugged into a Fiber Modem.

This ‘Fiber Modem’ uses power in order for your phone service to work.  If there is a power outage, your phone service will be affected. We advise customers to invest in an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This allows your Fiber Modem to keep running for at least a short time and protect your equipment when the primary power source is lost.

What are the benefits of having a DigiTel home phone plan?

With a DigiTel plan you keep access to our basic telephone service, inclusive of a telephone number/s, free directory and directory listing. However, you now enjoy FREE local and international calls. Should you bundle your DigiTel with a DigiNet Boost plan, your SAVINGS become even GREATER.

What DigiTel plan can be bundled with DigiNet?

You can bundle the DigiTel Max plan with the 10Mbps or the 20Mbps DigiNet Internet Service for as little as $25 monthly.

The 20Mbps plan comes with a Free DigiTel Unlimited home phone plan.

What happens after the free minutes are consumed?

If your plan’s minutes are finished you still have access to make additional calls at the standard call rates of $0.03 for On-Net calls, $0.29 for USA, Canada, China, India & Mexico (See International Calling Rates for countries not included in the International Special Offer). If your DigiTel plan is postpaid, these calls will be billed to your account. If your DigiTel plan is PrePaid you can recharge your account to make calls outside of the free minutes included in your plan.

Can I top up my DigiTel PrePaid number to make calls?

DigiCell PrePaid customers can recharge and check their account balance by dialing *100.

  • BTL Office
    • e-Pins or Direct Top  Up
  • TopUp Agent
    • e-Pins only  

With your DigiTel PrePaid plan you enjoy: 

  • Free Fixed & Mobile On Net "Nights and Weekends”
  • Access to contact Emergency and Operator assisted numbers is also available free of charge.

If I sign up for DigiTel PostPaid plan, do I get a bill?

With your Postpaid Home Phone, you receive a monthly bill that is generated after use. Your bill will display all call charges and will generate a monthly charge for you to pay. Your monthly charge is the flat rate of the plan that you choose, plus any excess calls made during the month.

How do I pay my bill?

You can now pay your DigiNet and DigiTel bill online. Be sure to identify your account number located at the top left hand corner of your bill.

Payments can be made through:

  • Atlantic Bank
  • Belize Bank
  • Heritage Bank
  • National Bank of Belize
  • Scotia Bank

You can also continue to pay your bill at any of our Digi Offices countrywide.


Some customers may also receive a second bill with an account number in the format SBTL00000*******-0101. This bill can also be paid online using the entire account number (letters included), unless otherwise instructed by your bank.

Where can I get more information about this service?

Feel free to call us at 0-800-DigiNet (344-4638), 119 (24/7 access hours) or send us a text message/WhatsApp to 608-8888. Feel free to visit any of our Digi offices countrywide from Monday to Friday during 8:00 am – 12:00pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.