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International Roaming | PostPaid Digi


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41 destinations you can roam.

DigiCell's PostPaid Data Roaming plans can be used in 41 destinations across the Western Hemisphere. Click link for a list of countries. View All



 International Roaming | PostPaid Digi International Roaming | PostPaid Digi International Roaming | PostPaid Digi



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Your Data Roaming Spending Limit

Traveling without a Data Plan? You’ll still be able to Data Roam! Charges will vary by Carrier & Country and will be based on actual usage per MB of Data. So, Roam wisely! & Know that your Spending Limit is here to protect you against any unforeseen charges while Data Roaming!

The Data Roaming Spending Limit is applied to your PostPaid number upon request of the Data Roaming service. When your Spending Limit is met, the Data Roaming service will be suspended to prevent unexpected charges considering the varying Data costs by Carrier & by country. 

To enable the Data Roaming service on your account, set/change your Spending Limit or buy a Data Roaming plan, kindly contact us before or while traveling.   See FAQ's


Voice & Text Roaming

As a PostPaid customer, voice and text roaming are automatically activated on your account. There are associated charges with both incoming and outgoing calls and texts, and the rates vary by Carrier by Country.



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