PrePaid Data Roaming

Frequently Asked Questions



What is DigiCell’s PrePaid Data Roaming?

As a limited time offer, DigiCell PrePaid Data Roaming plans will allow PrePaid customers the ability to access data while roaming in 27 countries through the purchase of a data roaming plan with allotted data allowances. 

Where can the PrePaid Data Roaming Plan be used?

DigiCell’s PrePaid Data Roaming plans can be used in 27 destinations across North America and South America. See below table for list of countries and the corresponding network(s):

Countries Include Network(s)
Anguilla C&W
Antigua & Barbuda C&W
Argentina Telefonica/Claro
Barbados C&W
Brazil Claro/Oi
British Virgin Islands C&W
Canada Bell/Telus
Cayman Islands C&W
Costa Rica ICE/Claro/Telefonica
Dominica C&W
Dominican Republic Trilogy
El Salvador Claro
Grenada C&W
Guatemala Claro/Telefonica/Tigo
Honduras Claro
Jamaica C&W
Mexico IUSACELL/TELCEL/Telefonica
Montserrat C&W
Nicaragua Claro 
Panama C&W/Telefonica/Claro
Puerto Rico Claro
St Kitts & Nevis C&W
St Lucia C&W
St Vincent & the Grenadines C&W
Trinidad TSTT
Turks & Caicos C&W
United States AT&T/T-Mobile

What PrePaid Data Roaming plans are available to purchase?

Plan Price Data Allowance Expiry Period
Roaming Data A $10 75MB 7 days
Roaming Data B $20 175MB 15 days

How long does the PrePaid Data Roaming plan last?

The $10 plan with data allowance of 75MB has an expiration date of 7 days, while the $20 plan with 175MB data allowance has an expiration date of 15 days. 


Your plan may expire on the fixed expiration date or once depleted, whichever comes first.


How do I enable Data Roaming on my device?

You can enable data roaming on your device by:

-  Dialing *100#

  • Select option 5 for Roaming
  • Select option 2 for Roam Off


You will receive a flash message: “Your DigiCell Roaming Service has been deactivated.”

  • Select *.  for Previous menu
  • Select 1 for Roam On


You will receive a flash message: “Your DigiCell Roaming Service has been activated.”

How can the PrePaid Data Roaming plans be purchased?

You can purchase a PrePaid Data Roaming plan by:


- Dialing *100# or *100 (before traveling)

    • Select Option 5 for Roaming

                    *Select Option 2 to Buy Roaming Bundle


- Dial *100# (while traveling)


Please note that purchases of PrePaid Data Roaming plans are deducted from Primary balance only.

How can I check my PrePaid Data Roaming balance?

You can check your PrePaid Data Roaming balance by:


Dialing *100#

  • Select Option 5 for Roaming
  • Select Option 1 for Roaming Bundles Balance


You will also receive the standard SMS notifications at 50% and 100% of your data consumption.

Can I purchase more than one PrePaid Data Roaming plan?

Yes, you can purchase as many PrePaid Data Roaming plans as you wish. The total data allowance will be combined. Priority is given to the plans based on time of purchase.

What happens if my PrePaid Data Roaming plan is depleted?

If the PrePaid Data Roaming plan allowance is depleted, you will no longer have data access. To continue enjoying PrePaid Data Roaming, you will need to purchase a new data plan.

Will I be charged an additional fee for purchasing a PrePaid Data Roaming bundle while roaming?

No, there is no additional fee if a PrePaid Data Roaming plan is purchased using *100# while roaming. Only the cost of the plan will be deducted from your Primary balance.

What will happen if I do not have available credit in my Primary Balance?

If there is insufficient credit on the account while the PrePaid Data Roaming plan is active, you will be able to continue accessing the PrePaid Data Roaming allowance available on your account.


Once the PrePaid Data Roaming allowance is depleted, if there is no Primary balance available on your account, you will not be able to purchase another plan.

Who do I contact for additional information?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our Customer Service Team at 119 (Available 24 hrs.). Before or while roaming, you can also reach us at 608-8888 via WhatsApp or text message between 7am – 10pm. 



Voice & Text Roaming

Frequently Asked Questions



What is DigiCell PrePaid Roaming?

DigiCell PrePaid Roaming allows PrePaid customers to make and receive calls and text while traveling overseas to 60 countries.  


What is required in order to roam?

In certain countries that operate on a different frequency to that in Belize, you will require at least a tri or quad band phone (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900). You also need to have an active DigiCell Premier or PrePaid number. 

How is DigiCell Roaming activated?

Roaming can be activated by accessing the DigiCell Menu *100#


PrePaid Customers can roam in over 30. New countries are being added each month as agreements are completed. 

What will be the Roaming rates for this service?

Our DigiCell PrePaid customers will enjoy the lowest roaming rates in the country.  For example,


  • Roamers attaching to IUSACELL in Mexico will enjoy calls at a per minute rate of $0.55 (inclusive of tax).  If they connect to Telcel the rates are a bit higher at $0.79. Mexico SMS are as low as $0.33/text also using IUSACELL.
  • All other countries have one rate per country
  • Charges will be deducted from the PrePaid Customer’s Primary Balance.   


What number do I dial to get customer support whilst roaming?

To contact customer support, the customer dials +501-227-7626 (+501-227-ROAM).  

  • Customers will be charged roaming rates for calls made to this number
  • Collect calls are not allowed to be made via the customer support line.



Send a WhatsApp message to 608-8888 (Free of charge)


How do I make calls while roaming?

From the USA to Belize:

Access code (011) + country code (501)+ phone number

From any country to any country:

Dial: Access code + destination country code + phone number

Country Code Listing:

List of country codes/access codes click here

How can I access my Voice Mail messages when roaming overseas?

To access your voice messages while roaming in another country you will need to dial +501-610-9134 and follow the usual instructions. Customer must remember their voicemail passcode. To disable Call-forwarding to VoiceMail feature dial #002#