Device Compatibility with Digi Network 


When purchasing a device, you must confirm that it is compatible with Digi’s network to enjoy the best LTE experience. 

Your cellular device works much like a radio, in order to get your favorite radio station, you must tune into a specific radio channel/frequency to enjoy the clearest sounds. Similarly, when buying a device, you have to confirm that it will work on the frequency on which Digi operates. For LTE, which offers the fastest data speeds, we operate on the 1900MHz and 700MHz frequencies. 



DigiCell Network Frequency/Bands   

2G – GSM 850, GSM 1900  

3G – UMTS 850, UMTS 1900  

4G – LTE 700 (Band 17), LTE 850 (Band 5), LTE 1900 (Band 2) 


Search your Device specifications to confirm it supports the above bands. This is typically found under Network Specifications. A good website to reference is GSM Arena: Click Here  

Unlocked Devices  


Devices purchased can either be unlocked or locked to a specific carrier. Ensure your device is unlocked and supports the frequencies or bands outlined above in order to use on Digi’s network.