Digi rolls out its new Queuing Management System(QMS) to 12 of 13 Digi Stores countrywide! It is an advanced ticketing system that goes towards Digi's Digital Transformation.


Functionalities of the QMS

(i) Ticketing System: It will print tickets to give to customers to aid with efficiency. Customers can walk around the store, or visit nearby stores without losing their turn in line!

(ii) Data Analysis: Help Digi collect Data on how to serve you better! The QMS will analyze data like how many customers are visiting the stores, what reasons they are visiting the store for (to purchase a device, to buy credit, to pay a bill, etc.), and how long customer interaction takes.

(iii) SMS notifications: No more waiting in line! It will allow customers to walk around the store to check out other parts of the store (like Kiosks), devices or nearby areas. It will send text messages to customers for three reasons:

(a)   Confirmation of their appointment after receiving a ticket

(b)   When their turn is coming up.

(c)   Thirty seconds after their number has been called, and they’ve not approached a CSR


Process Flow

Follow these steps when visiting a Digi Store to see a Customer Service Representative or cashier.

(i) Customer enters the store and approaches the QMS if they would like to see a customer service representative or cashier.

(ii) Customer selects language and enters their name, number and reason for visiting the store (select next without entering a number if you have none).

(iii) Customer is dispensed a ticket and receives a text message confirmation.

(iv) Customer waits for “ding” sound, indicating that the next CSR has become available, verifying the number now being served by looking at the Donatello (TV) screen that will be showing the number now being served.


Here is how to use our NEW TICKETING System​!




What is a Queuing Management System?

A Queuing Management System is an advanced ticketing system that will primarily serve the purpose of printing tickets for customers so that they can be attended to by Customer Service Representatives.


It will also serve the purpose of collecting data on customer visitation purposes and interaction times, so that Digi can interpret and develop ways to serve customers visiting the stores more efficiently in the future.

Will a customer still have to wait in line to be served by a Customer Service Representative?

No, after receiving a ticket, a customer can feel free to sit (for those stores having customer seating) and wait, walk around the store to check out devices or visit nearby areas until it is their turn to be served.

How will I know it is my turn?

There are several ways:

  • You will get a text message when your turn is coming.
  • You will get a text message when it is you turn.
  • You can look at the Donatello (TV) screens in the store to see the “now serving” information
  • You will hear a “ding” and see your number being served on the Donatello screen