Out of Credit? 

Not a problem, 

We have your back! 


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SendMi Credit.


Out of credit? Not a problem. Using our 'Send Mi

Credit' feature, another DigiPrePaid user can

transfer some of their credit to you instantly!

Transfer amounts can be anywhere from $1-$500

for only $0.15 per transaction. Transfer as needed

as long as your Total Transfers for the past running

year does not exceed your Total TopUps. For example,

If you TopUp with $100 for the past year to date, transfer

up to $99.85 (considering $0.15 charge)


How to:

  • Dial *100# or 100*
  • Press 1 for TopUp
  • Press 3 for Send Mi Credit 
  • Please enter the phone number to be credited
  • Please enter the amount in dollars between $1 and $xx.xx
  • Press SEND to confirm transfer

Call Me.


Out of credit and have an emergency? or simply

just want someone to call you back?

Use our " Call Me" feature to send 'Call Me'

SMS to another DigiCell number, or any number

from the other provider, and request a call back. 


How to:

  • Dial *100# or *100
  • Select 1 for TopUp 
  • Select 4 for Call Me
  • Please enter the phone number of the receiving party
  • Message sent to 610xxxx





Low on credit?

TopUp at a DigiAgent!

DigiAgents are conveniently located across the country, find an agent near you. 

Find An Agent | Digi Belize



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