Digi CreditMi



Send "Get Credit" to 

456 and get advanced 

primary credit! 



CreditMi with Digi

Here is how to qualify.

- Be an active Digi Customer for 2 months.  

- Recharge with a minimum of $6 per month on average for the last 2 months. 

- Fully repay your advance credit received, within 30 days.  

The amount available for CreditMi may vary based on your usage patterns.

So, if you're in need of credit and don't have, then use CreditMi now and pay back later.







Have questions? 

We've got answers. 

What is CreditMi?

CreditMi is a service that allows any qualifying Digicell PrePaid mobile customer to receive topup in advance and pay for it later. 

Who qualifies for CreditMi?

The PrePaid mobile customer must meet below criteria: -

  • Have been on the network for a minimum period of 2 months before the date of the request of the service
  • Have recharged with a minimum of $6 per month on average for the last 2 months
  • For returning customers, they must fully re-pay any previous advances
  • Cannot have had an outstanding advance for more than 30 days

How much can a PrePaid mobile customer borrow?

A Digi PrePaid mobile customer will be given up to three options based on the amount they qualify for.

*Note: $20 is the maximum a customer can qualify for

How will a customer qualifying value be determined?

Each customer’s advance value will vary dependent on their profile such as tenure, recharge and re-payment history.

How can a customer qualify for more?

A customer can qualify for more by higher and more frequent recharges.

Can a PrePaid Mobile customer apply for more than one advance?

A customer can only have one advance at a time.  It must be fully paid off before becoming eligible for another one.

When is repayment due?

Repayment is due within 30 days of receiving the advance.

Why doesn’t a customer qualify for CreditMi?

A customer doesn’t qualify because within the last 2 months of applying for the service they have not recharged with at least $6 in each of those months.

What is the cost of CreditMi?

Every time the customer makes use of the service, there will be a service fee of 10% plus GST (12.5%) which will be marketed as 11.25%.


 Example of Advance payment calculation


How can a Digi Mobile PrePaid customer apply for CreditMi?

The customer can activate this service by following the steps below.


  • Send GET CREDIT or GETCREDIT to short code to +456 or 456
  • If the customer qualifies for the advance, he/she will receive a SMS notification to select the three different advance options.
  • Respond by texting the desired loan option to the short code
  • SMS notification will be received stating the advance amount which includes the service fee and tax and due date
  • If customer doesn’t qualify for the service, he/she will also receive a SMS notification

Does a PrePaid customer need credit to apply?

A customer is not required to have any credit to apply for the advance.

Are advances eligible for Double or Triple Up?

No, advances increase Primary balance only.

How can a customer check CreditMi balance?

Customers can check their balance texting GET BAL or GETBAL to short code +456 or 456

Who can I contact for more information on this promotion?

For further assistance, kindly send a Text Message or WhatsApp to 608-8888 between 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.