Check out the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.


PrePaid Voice

1. What does it mean to be PrePaid?

With DigiCell’s Prepaid Service, there is no monthly bills or commitments, simply pay as you go! You purchase credit in advance of services use, and you can top up as much you’d like.

You have control over how much you spend. To use PrePaid services, you will need a SIM card that can be purchased from a Digi Office or SIM Agent countrywide. Please note that SIMs are terminated after 90 days of no recharge, so recharge your account consistently to avoid termination of your number.


2. What are DigiCell PrePaid Rates?

With DigiCell your credit NOW lasts longer! On-Net rates are $0.53*per minute, i.e. calls to anyDigiCell and BTL numbers. Off-Net rates are $0.56* per minute, i.e. calls to the other provider.  *Tax included


3What is Per Second Billing?

Per Second Billing means all calls from your DigiCell number within Belize are billed per second. For instance, if you make a call for 15 seconds you are charged for 15 seconds. If you talk for 1 minute and 15 seconds then you are charged for 75 (60 +15) seconds.



PrePaid SIM

1. What is the cost of SIM?

A new PrePaid SIM card costs $22.50 (incl. GST). With the SIM card, you receive $10 Bonus Credit and 1GB of Data for FREE (Valid for 10 days).

A replacement SIM costs $16.87 (incl. GST)


2. Where can I purchase a SIM?

You can purchase a DigiCell SIM from any BTL office or authorized SIM Agents countrywide.


3. What do I need to register a SIM?

To register your DigiCell SIM you will need to have a valid ID (Social Security, Driver’s License or Passport)

PrePaid Account Balance?

1. What is PrePaid Account Balance?

PrePaid Account Balances reflects “Primary Balance” and “Bonus Balance”.

  • Primary Balance is the actual dollar value purchased from any recharge.
  • Bonus Balance is the FREE credit received on a promotion day.


2. What can my PrePaid credit be used for Primary & Bonus Balance?

Primary Balance

 Bonus Balance

International Roaming

Text Bundles
Calls to other provider Talk & Text to Top 25 countries
Send Mi Credit Call & Text to any BTL or DigiCell numbers
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Weekend Pass Promo  
TopUp Reward Promo   
International Bundles   


3. How can I check my PrePaid balance on my mobile phone?


Ways to check PrePaid balance:

  • Dial *201
  • Dial *201#
  • Text ‘bal’ to 100







PrePaid Voicemail?

1. Does my service come with voicemail?

Yes, every DigiCell customer gets voicemail at no extra cost.


2. How do I set-up my voicemail?

It's as easy as 1-2-3 - literally! Simply dial 134 and follow the instructions. We recommend that you change your default password from 1234 to a password that you will remember easily.

Change language on your device?

You can change language by dialing *130 to select the Language of your choice (English and Spanish)

Using e-pin to topup my Mobile PrePaid Account?

DigiCell offers various ways to add top up to your mobile PrePaid Account. See below options:  

■ Dial *100# and follow the instructions for TopUp

■ To add credit using an E-pin – Dial *202, enter the pin number and pound sign then press send

■ To add credit directly to another PrePaid number using an E-pin - dial*200* , enter the phone number to be credited followed by the pin number