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Digi’s professional services involve a range of different services that provide support to businesses in the form of advice or performing value added services. Professional Services helps clients manage, support, and grow their businesses with a wide array of areas.

Some of the Digi professional services include:


Professional Services | Digi Business

Consultancy Hardware & Software.


Digi offers Pre-sales and technical
consultations to all business customers.
As an established partner with both
software & hardware companies, Digi is
committed to supporting business
customers be more productive and
efficient with the software, hardware,
tools, and skills needed to get the job done.



Network Design & Implementation.

Network design is planning the development
of a computer network infrastructure.
Network design is performed by our network
designers, engineers, IT administrators and
other related staff. It is done before the
implementation of a network infrastructure.  





Internal Wiring & Civil Works | Digi Business

Internal Wiring & Civil Works

(Copper & Fiber)

Installations of Electronic wiring which
interconnects components, within a sealed
subsystem. Digi will ensure that a business is
able to provide seamless and robust services
to their customers with our DigiNet and
Digi Wi-Fi service.
We will design, install, include wiring,
trunking and ensure service delivery. 



Training (MS 365, Network Security & Other)

As an established Microsoft Silver Partner
and other Software Solutions partner Digi can
provide or procure this solution for business
customers with a wide array of employee
Relevant software application training that is
crucial to productivity and efficiency in the




Call Center Support Services | Digi Business


Call Center Support Services


Digi provides Call center services for other business that require a trained and dedicated team to perform teleservices in a call center

This include outbound or inbound calls for products or services. You can use our services to extend your reach into new markets, provide
stronger customer support or even retain your existing customers.

By outsourcing to us, your business will benefit by minimizing staffing and overhead costs. 


Design & Development

Involves defining the specification and the design of your product or service through drawings, models, or DEMOs.

This is backed by excellent project
management that defines the success of the design and development project.

Digi can handle all phases of your project from ideas to designing, development to implementation.




The Digi team consists of highly experienced Sales Solutions Team backed by skilled project managers, Innovation architects and developers, software specialists and Solutions associates who have trained and certified to provide unmatched consultations and recommendations to business customers.

Digi’s dynamic team with the support of our partners has been providing services and solutions to small, medium and enterprise business customers.




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