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Digi, Belize’s National Telecom is the leading provider of wholesale and retail telephony solutions. Our services are designed to ensure your communications are seamless and efficient and that your employees are more productive. Using the latest technologies and systems, we can help you create a single unified communication experience across your business with a unified working environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

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SIP Trunking Services| Digi

Digi’s SIP Trunking is helping businesses manage their voice needs better. We provide a highly dependable, enterprise-grade replacement for traditional voice services, that consolidates your voice systems into one centrally managed service.

SIP works by connecting your private telephone system to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via your IP network. Running voice over your IP network means you’ll utilize your data bandwidth rather than traditional E1 technology to handle your calls.

With SIP at the heart of your communication system, you’re ready to experience the best that communication technology has to offer – today and tomorrow.



Enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of bringing your voice and IP networks together with SIP Trunk – and get ready to explore the best that Unified Communications has to offer.


SIP Trunking Benefits | Digi


Value for money: With SIP, you will berunning voice over your data network reducing the need for multiple E1s to handle your calls. Additionally, you have the options to use an IP PBXs in either a cloud or on-premise setup.

 Future-ready technology: transitioning from your legacy phone system to SIP will set your business up for today and tomorrow – opening the door to integrate calling into your collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams.

Connected teams: Benefit from high quality, reliable calling across your business. Our SIP technology facilitates consistent and dependable voice services across Digi’s network footprint – backed-up by our redundant network.

Hassle-free management: As your single supplier, we can consolidate your voice systems into one centrally managed service. The service connects you to multiple regions globally and is managed and backed by our 24/7 support team.

Scalability: Scale your service as your business expands or boost capacity if you need to meet a sudden increase in demand. You’ll also have access to reporting dashboards through our online portal, bringing you new levels of insight to help make informed decisions.

Seamless Deployment: We know how important it is to avoid downtime. You’ll experience minimal interruption to your existing service during deployment and we’ll carry out end-to-end testing prior to delivery and proactively monitor your service afterwards to ensure a smooth transition.



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Note: When plan minutes are depleted standard per minute rates apply





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