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Make your communications work for you and your business with Digi's Hosted PBX Solution


When you need to get things done, whatever business you're in, there's no substitute for a phone call. And a cloud-based phone system can make all the difference to how you communicate – with customers, suppliers, and each other. 

Digi's Hosted PBX solution enables businesses to harness the power of internet connectivity to drive business communication transforming organizations into a modern mobile workplace. Our Hosted PBX product allows customers to receive landline and extension calls to the office on their mobile device, computer, or via your traditional office phone. 

From simplified onboarding to more innovative, faster collaboration, there are many benefits for your team and customers when you choose Digi's Hosted PBX solution. 


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The phone system for businesses that's going places 

  • No more missed calls! If you're not there when your customers need you, you can't do business with them. Digi's Hosted PBX turns your computer or smartphone into an office phone and traditional call options (like transfer, automatic routing, and hunt groups). That way, you can pick up the phone wherever you're working.
  • Open up a new world of collaboration. With Digi’s Hosted PBX you can collaborate like never before. Call your co-workers for free, start a video call session, and make decisions over instant messaging. The result? You can share ideas and make decisions faster. And that’s always good for business.
  • Pay as you Grow. Digi's Hosted PBX grows with your business. New users can be added anytime, paying for what you need when you need it. Moving expenses from capital expenditure to operating expenses can help you reduce costs by 40% – enabling you to invest more in your business.
  • The phone system to fit your budget. Digi's Hosted PBX comes with all the functionality of a traditional phone system. But the big difference is that calls are carried over your internet connection. That means you'll get more flexibility and better ways to control your costs. And unlike traditional phone systems, there's less hardware to buy. So you'll have fewer upfront charges to deal with.
  •  An agile system for growing businesses. Whether you’re growing in numbers or working across locations, Digi’s Hosted PBX makes it easy to work smarter. You’ll have the freedom to make changes, so your people get exactly what they need, whenever they need it. Whether they’re spread over multiple sites, working from home, or on the go. With everything based in the cloud, everyone can work as if they’re in the same room. And if you move offices, you can simply unplug your handsets and take your whole service with you. Easy.


Hosted PBX



Hosted PBX 

features at a glance 


Users of a Hosted PBX solution have access to a variety of standard telephony features, as well as many other advanced enterprise-grade VoIP features and unified communications options.

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Customize voice response to ensure incoming calls are prompted to the most appropriate person or department.
  • Call Routing: Set specific rules for each extension based on custom availability and where calls should be directed.
  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing): With a local phone number forwarded to your PBX system, you can have a local presence without physically located there.
  • Call Queues: Allow inbound calls to a certain destination to queue up while waiting for an available agent to take the calls.
  • Ad-hoc Conference: Initiate a conference call anywhere, at any moment, using your mobile phone and invite others to join.


Getting started is easy

When you’re ready to change your business communications for the better, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll start by finding out what you need in a phone system. Then we’ll suggest the best solution for the job. We’ll check your connection to ensure your network can support Cloud Voice.

Contact one of our Solution Sales Representatives for more information. 

What is a Hosted PBX?

A PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is an office telephone system that provides your business with telephone features like call transfer, call hold, call-park, call waiting, auto-attendant and voicemail.


A Hosted service means that we host the phone system in our facilities and you do not need to buy an expensive on-premise PBX. Digi’s business-grade PBX service provides local, long distance and international calling and standard business PBX features. It offers your organization a one-stop, fully functional, low-cost enterprise voice solution that replaces costly traditional telephone system.

How does Hosted PBX service work?

Hosted PBX is based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a method by which voice is digitized and transmitted in digital packets rather than using traditional copper phone lines of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

What uptime guarantees do you provide?

Digi provides 99.9% up time. Digi is not responsible for incidents beyond its control, such as failure in the customer’s LAN or customer’s ISP. Our Hosted PBX is a redundant, carrier-grade system offering the same or better reliability as your traditional phone company.

What phones does Digi support?

We support Mitel, Avaya, Yealink, Xorcom, Grandstream VoIP phones and Counterpath softphones. Any analog or cordless phone can also be supported using an analog telephone adapter.

Can I use my existing internet service?

Yes. We do not require that you buy dedicated internet service from Digi.

What are the benefits of using Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX provides great features and easy install and management. These benefits include:

  • Easy installation – phones plug into your existing Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Easy expansion – just add phones without more PBX hardware or upgrades
  • Low capital expenditure – purchase only phones, not an expensive PBX system
  • Location independence – you can use the same PBX across multiple sites
  • Portability- move your phones to a new office without hassle
  • Enhanced features – voicemail to email, simultaneous ring to cell phones etc.

How much internet bandwidth do I need?

We allocate approximately per package type: Small - 500Kbps (2 Mbps), Medium - 1500Kpbs (5Mbps) and Large - 3000Kbps (10 Mbps).

Can I use my existing VoIP phones?

Yes, we often switch customers from other service providers or PBX systems and re-use the existing phones, as long as they are the supported VoIP phones.

What commitment contract terms does Digi require?

Digi contracts are year to year. There are no restrictions on increasing or decreasing services and it does not extend the contract term.

How long will it take my company to get up and running on Hosted PBX?

VoIP Phones can be shipped overnight and PBX service established in one day in emergency circumstances. However, the typical installation takes around a week, which is the time necessary to deliver phones, schedule an install, configure and train.

What customer support services does Digi offer?

Digi offers customer service from 6AM to 12PM Monday-Sunday. Advanced technical support for Hosted PBX troubleshooting is available Monday-Friday 8am to 5PM. All support personnel are available at this time. All moves, adds and changes to your system and remote training are provided at a charge.


Certain professional services like re-recording auto-attendant greetings may incur charges as well.

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