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Honestly, your team 

deserves only the best.


 Connect with your employees with the right plan built for your business. Compare our plans, which include a bundle of Text, Talk, and Data at a price that cannot be beat. 

What is even better, each member of your team can have their own plan, there's no need to share!


Here's what we have for you: 

Small Plan | DigiCell Corporate Medium Plan | DigiCell Business Large Plan | DigiCell Corporate


DigiCell Corporate | Digi Business

Collaborate without restrictions.


Plus, each member can still get to enjoy regular PrePaid and PostPaid promotions.

No restrictions! When we say no restrictions, we MEAN IT!

There is no limit to the amount of PrePaid or PostPaid members that can be added to your plan.

Selecting a plan is easy, the Corporate account holder simply selects the plan of choice, which can be suited for any member of the team. The choice is yours.








Take your business to the 

next level.