Service Entrance Policy


 Service Entrance Policy - What's New

Digi is removing its current copper network in areas where Fiber is being deployed. The current High Speed Internet Service will move over to DigiNet Fiber internet, and the HomeFone services will move over to the DigiTel home phone service.

As we roll out fiber to an area, we want to educate new and existing customers of our Service Entrance Policy. 


 Service Entrance Policy

The “Service Entrance” is defined at the end of Digi's Network Interface Device (NID) or modem located within the customer’s premise, and the beginning of the customer’s wiring within their premise.

Generally, Digi is responsible for the equipment and the modem,and the wiring up to the modem. The Customer is responsible for wiring and equipment connected to the modem.Please refer to pages 2 & 3 for more information.



  • Install services on tested and certified wiring
  • DigiNetFiber services will be installed directly to your home Aerial: Digi will drill holes into your wall for attachments and entrance
  • Testing and verification of installed service 
  • Ensure only Digi authorized equipment is used
  • Replace any factory defected equipment
  • Placement of Modem - At a location that is both acceptable and agreeable by Digi and the Customer
  • For DigiTel Home Phone Service - Digi will be responsible to connect the main line at the modem



• Internal wiring by certified electrician

A clear pathway to the point of installation

• Availability of a Power supply outlet not more than 4 feet from the location where the equipment is to be installed

• Underground Wiring: Customer will be responsible - if they don't want drilling into their walls

•  Configuration  of  personal  devices:  Laptop, tablet,  cell phones, SmartTV, etc.

•  Fill  out  the  Customer  Service  confirmation  form  after installation/faults to ensure Quality of Service

•  For DigiTel  Home  Hone Service- Customer  can install and maintain  parallel  lines

• Do not tamper with Digi's equipment as fiber is delicate and  can be easily damage

• Failure  to  comply  with  the  Service  Entrance  Policy  will result  in a $100 service charge for repairs


         The service is not working

Step 1. Check and confirm that the lights are ON or OFF.

The lights on the modem indicate the service status. These lights should 

be yellow and stable (not  blinking). 

·lnternet/WiFi: PON and WLAN lights

·Telephone:Tel1 1ight 

Step 2. If none of the lights are on, the issue may  be the power source/outlet. Use another appliance to confirm that the source of power is functional. 

• DigiTel:Connect another phone to the Modem to confirm

• DigiNet: Connect with another device to confirm.

The most reliable way to verify is to connect using a LAN line. You may also perform a speedtest, to confirm your internet speed.

Step 3. If you are unable to access the internet, turn off modem and try again. 

Step 4. If this does not resolve your issue, please call 119 to report


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