Got questions?

Why DigiNet?

Digi is the first to provide home and office internet connection over a solid fiber network in Belize. Our improved plans with upgraded speeds were created to enhance and deliver quality services to our customers at an affordable monthly cost. With the shift to working from home and distance learning, Digi is once again improving speeds to better accommodate the new normal.

What plans are available?

The monthly plans available range from $79 to $199 monthly. See options below:


Boosted DigiBasic: Enjoy 40Mbps DL/20Mbps UL internet connection for only $79 monthly (GST & modem rental inclusive).


Boosted DigiDouble: Enjoy 80Mbps DL/40Mbps UL internet connection, plus Free Mobile Prepaid 6GB DATA with 100 OnNet Talk & Text for only $119 monthly (GST & modem rental inclusive).


Boosted DigiTriple: Enjoy 150Mbps DL/75Mbps UL internet connection, plus Free Mobile Prepaid 10GB DATA with 300 OnNet Talk & Text, along with FREE DigiTel Unlimited Plan for only $199 monthly (GST & modem rental inclusive).


Enjoy 150Mbps internet connection, plus Free Mobile PostPaid 6GB DATA, Unlimited OnNet Talk & Text and 600 Off Net Talk, plus 100 Minutes to the USA, along with a Free DigiTel Unlimited Plan for only $199 monthly (GST & modem rental inclusive).


General Notes:

  • Download (DL) speed is how fast files are transferred to your computer. Upload (UL) speed is how fast you can send files.
  • OnNet Talk refers to calls made to a Digi numbers only
  • OnNet Text refers to text message sent to another DigiCell number (PrePaid & PostPaid)
  • OffNet Talk refers to local calls made to numbers that are not on Digi network
  • DigiNet Plans are not shareable; bundled services must belong to the same account holder
  • Existing DigiNet Plans are grandfathered

How can I sign up for DigiNet?

Any person, living in a DigiNet area, can sign up for DigiNet. Be sure to have a valid ID, preferably Social Security or Passport, person 18 years or older. Call or visit a Digi Office nearest you, Sign Up Now! You can also submit your application online using our DigiConnect form. Click here to sign up!

What is the cost of installation, and do I need to pay a deposit?

The cost to install is just $84.38 (GST inclusive) for Residential customers and $112.50 (GST Inclusive) for Small Business customers; this is a onetime charge and deposit ranges from $50 to $100 depending on the plan you choose.


What is the expected installation time for the service?

Standard installation time frame is within 3-5 business days however, from time to time installation may vary depending on the works required. Our technicians will call and schedule the appointment to install service

If I have high speed internet with Digi, can I switch my plan?

Any person, living in a DigiNet area, can sign up for DigiONE. The person applying must be 18 years or older and must provide a valid Social Security card, non-Belizeans must provide a passport.  A deposit may be required depending on the plan being requested. Visit a DigiStore nearest you to sign up. You can also submit your application online using our DigiConnect form. Click here to sign up!



Can I bundle DigiNet with a home phone?

You can enjoy our Unlimited DigiTel service which is included for free along with our DigiTriple

plan. The DigiTel Max Plan can also be bundled with our DigiBasic and DigiDouble DigiNet Boosted plans for an additional $28.13 (GST inclusive).

In which areas is DigiNet located?

Belize City Armenia Village Calcutta Village August Pine Ridge Alta Vista Village Barranco
Boston Village (Partial) Belmopan City Chan Chen Carmelita Village Big Creek Bella Vista Village
Burrell Boom Village Benque Viejo Town Chunox Guinea Grass Village Dangriga Town Big Falls
Buttercup Estates Blackman Eddy Village Concepcion Libertad Hope Creek Village Eldridge Village
Caye Caulker Village Bullet Tree Falls Village Consejo Village Orange Walk Town Hopkins Village Forest Home Village
Crooked Tree Village Camalote Village Copper Bank San Estevan Village Independence Village Hopeville Village
Hattieville Village Central Farm Village Corozal Freezone San Jose  Village Mango Creek Jacintoville
Ladyville Village Cotton Tree Corozal Town San Jose Palmar Village Maya Beach Punta Gorda Town
Lord'S Bank Community Esperanza Village Louisville Village San Pablo Village Middlesex San Antonio Village
Los Lagos Community La Democracia Village Patchakan San Felipe Placencia Village San Isidro 
Maskall Village Ontario Village Progresso Tower Hill Pomona Village San Pedro Columbia Village
Mile 8 George Price Highway Roaring Creek Village Ranchito Village Trial Farm Santa Cruz Village Yemeri Grove Village
Rockville (Gracie Rock) St. Matthews/Frank's Eddy San Joaquin Village  Yo Creek Sarawee  
San Pedro Town San Antonio Village San Narciso Village   Seine Bight Village  
Sandhill Village San Ignacio Town San Roman Village   Valley Community   
Tropical Park Community San Jose Succotz Xaibe Village   Silk Grass  
  Santa Elena Town  Libertad      
  Santa Familia Village        
  Spanish Lookout        
  Teakettle Village        
  Unitedville Village        
  Valley Of Peace Village        


How can I check the speed of my internet?

In order to do a speed test, you can download the Ookla App via your Android Play Store or IOS App Store to check your speed or go to

With DigiNet's broadband improved speeds what can I do?

You can do many things using your home internet, such as: 

  • Web browsing
  • Share photos
  • Multiple users
  • Stream movies (Netflix,  Hulu)
  • Online gaming
  • HD video streaming

How do I pay my bill?

You can now pay your DigiNet and DigiTel bill online. Be sure to identify your account number located at the top left-hand corner of your bill.


Payments can be made through:

  • Atlantic Bank
  • Belize Bank
  • Heritage Bank
  • National Bank of Belize
  • Scotia Bank


You can also continue to pay your bill at any of our Digi Offices countrywide.

Some customers may also receive a second bill with an account number in the format SBTL00000*******-0101. This bill can also be paid online using the entire account number (letters included), unless otherwise instructed by your bank.

Where can I get more information about this service?

To find out more about this service, feel free to call us on 119 (available 24/7) or send us a text message/WhatsApp to 608-8888. You can also visit any of our Digi Offices countrywide from Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

Are there any plans for Business customers?

Business customers get to enjoy speeds starting from 15Mbps to 260Mbps with symmetrical bandwidth. Learn more about our Business Plans.

What is included in the Free US and international calls included in the DigiTriple plan?

      • The DigiTriple plan comes with a Free PostPaid DigiCell plan that includes 100 minutes to mainland USA. After the free allowance is depleted, calls to the USA revert to the usual rate.
      • The DigiTriple plan also comes with a Free DigiTel plan that includes 180 minutes to mainland USA, Canada, India, Mexico and China. After the free allowance is depleted, call rates to these countries revert to special international offer rate of $0.29.
      • Standard rates apply to international calls to all other countries.

If I have the original DigiNet plans, how do I upgrade to the DigiNet Boosted plans?

DigiDouble and DigiTriple customers can call 119 or visit the nearest Digi office to request the upgrade.