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What is Digi AirNet?

Digi AirNet is a new product that gives rural customers access to Internet and Fixed Voice services using our DigiCell mobile network. This service is available to customers who are unable to get DigiNet.


With Digi AirNet customers receive an amount of data that can be used to browse the internet, stream movies, and download videos. When the data allowance is depleted, browsing speed throttles down to a slower speed.

Is Digi AirNet unlimited?

Yes, Digi AirNet is an unlimited service; customers have access to internet services for the entire bill cycle. Each plan has a data threshold within which customers experience the plan’s full speed. After the threshold is exceeded, the surfing speed is throttled (reduced) for the remainder of the month. The internet speed and data threshold are replenished at the start of each bill cycle.

Do I need to wait until the following month to get faster speed?

No, data add-ons are available for customers who want their speeds reinstated before their next bill cycle. You can request an add-on by calling us at 119, WhatsApp to 608-8888, or visiting a Digi office. Add-ons come with 30 GB of data for only $22.50 (including tax) and are billed to your account.

Note: Purchases require proof of identity (valid Social Security Card or Passport)

Where is Digi AirNet available?


Digi AirNet is available in rural areas where DigiNet is not available. This includes:




San Narciso (surrounding areas)

Libertad (certain areas)

Concepcion (certain areas)


Orange Walk

Blue Creek

August Pine Ridge



Cahal Pech (surrounding areas) 


Stann Creek

Dangriga (surrounding areas)

Independence (surrounding areas)



Santa Cruz (surrounding areas)

Big Falls

Punta Gorda (surrounding areas)

What do I need sign up for Digi AirNet?

To sign up for Digi AirNet you need to be 18 years or older and present a valid ID, preferably Social Security or Passport. A deposit and installation fee of $84.38 may also be required. Sign up here or call or visit a Digi Office nearest you!

What is the expected activation time for the service?

Standard activation time is between 3–5 business days.

If I currently have High Speed Internet from Digi, can I sign up for Digi AirNet?

Yes, you can upgrade to Digi AirNet, for FREE, if you are within a serviceable area. Your High Speed Internet Plan will be terminated and we will install your Digi AirNet Plan. To do this, you can sign up here, or visit our Digi Office near you.  


If the account is not in your name, you will be required to bring along an authorization letter and ID of the account owner, including yours.  


Can I connect multiple devices to Digi AirNet?

Yes, you can use multiple devices with Digi AirNet; however, your speed experience will be dependent on how many persons are connected at the same time.

Can I bundle with DigiTel and Save?

Yes, customers can bundle with Digi AirNet and benefit with lower rates. Click the links below to see our Fixed Voice service details.


How to pay my bill?

You can pay your Digi bill online. Be sure to identify your account number located at the top left-hand corner of your bill.


Payments can be made through:

  • Atlantic Bank
  • Belize Bank
  • Heritage Bank
  • National Bank of Belize
  • Scotia Bank


You can also continue to pay your bill at any of our Digi Offices countrywide.


Some customers may also receive a second bill with an account number in the format SBTL00000*******-0101. This bill can also be paid online using the entire account number (letters included), unless otherwise instructed by your bank.