DigiCell Tourist Package offers two affordable options for tourists to stay connected with friends and family, while visiting Belize.  Both packages are valid for 14 days and comes with tons of talk, text and DATA.




What is the DigiCell Tourist Package?

If you are travelling to Belize, you can stay connected with friends and family with the purchase of one of our 14 Day Tourist Packages. 

What will I get with my Tourist SIM Package?

You will get the following plan with one of our Tourist SIM Packages:

Fair Usage Policy applies to unlimited text bundle. Capped at 10,000 SMS. International minutes apply to calls made to USA, Mexico and Canada.

Price is inclusive of GST.  

Where can I purchase the Tourist SIM Package?

The Tourist SIM Package will be available for purchase at any Digi Office.

How do I know what is my phone number?

Your phone number is included on your Tourist SIM Packaging or you can dial *99# from your Mobile device for a flash message of your DigiCell phone number.

How long will my plan on my Tourist SIM Package be valid for?

As your Tourist SIM is activated, your service will be valid for (14) fourteen days; the SIM will deactivate after a (21) twenty one day period and it cannot be extended.

Where internationally can I call using my Tourist Package?

You can call anywhere in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. For calls to other countries, please visit HERE for our international rates listing.

What is Bonus Credit?

Bonus Credit is the FREE credit preloaded on your account. Bonus Credit can be used on the following:

  • Talk & Text to top 25 International Countries.  List of top 25 can be found HERE.
  • Calls & Text to any Digi numbers

Will I be eligible for the Double Up and Triple Data promotions with this Package?

Yes, Double Up and Triple Data Promotions are applicable with your tourist package. Please note that all services purchased outside the plan will only be valid within the (21) twenty one day period after first use. The SIM deactivates after (21) days.

To learn more about DigiCell plans and promotions, please click HERE

How will I know if my services have been depleted?

 You will receive a text notification when each of your services reaches 50% and 100%.

What happens if my service depletes before my SIM expires?

You can TopUp your Tourist SIM with additional credit which will then allow you to purchase any additional Data or use your credit to make calls or send texts.

How can I TopUp my Tourist SIM?

They are various methods you can use to Top-Up your Tourist SIM. Click HERE to get more information on how to TopUp your account!

How do I purchase additional Data?

Ways to purchase a Data Plan:

  1. Direct Access -  Dial *400 or *400#
  2. Full DigiCell Menu - Dial *100 or *100#

Charges are deducted from Primary Balance only. To know more about out Data Plans, please click HERE.

Will the Tourist SIM be valid for another trip to Belize?

No, the Tourist SIM is only valid for (21) twenty one days after first use. If you are a frequent traveler to Belize, we recommend the purchase of a registered DigiCell PrePaid SIM. To learn more about DigiCell Prepaid Services, click HERE or visit a Digi Office near you.

What if I have a carrier locked mobile device but want to purchase a Tourist SIM Package?

You can purchase the Tourist SIM Package which comes with an unlocked LTE Device for $80 USD or $160 BZE. However, if you want to use your personal device, you can contact your service provider to assist in unlocking your device.

Can I return my Tourist SIM Package for a refund?

No, once purchased, all sales are final.

What if I purchase the Tourist SIM Package which comes with a device and my device is not working properly?

Your device is under warranty and it is valid for 21 days after purchase.  The Tourist Package Device warranty covers manufacture defects only. Please note that warranty is only honored if there is no sign of deliberate damage to the device. You must visit a Digi Office for assistance along with your valid receipt.


What if I have questions or queries on the coupon booklet in the sim package?

The respective businesses would need to be contacted to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Who do I contact for additional information?

If you have any questions or concerns on your Tourist SIM, you can contact our Customer Service Team via Live Chat or reach us at 608-8888 via WhatsApp or text message between 7am – 10pm.