PrePaid Cards

Customers can purchase Mobile only PrePaid cards at any Digi offices countrywide. Cards are available in denominations of $5 & $10. TopUp your phone by entering the unique pin on the card.

Digi QR Code

Our DigiCell PrePaid customers can use our NEW DigiCell TopUp App to top up their DigiCell PrePaid account. With this App, customers can also use it to top up other DigiCell numbers.

Direct Top-Up

Visit any of our authorized TopUp agents countrywide to purchase Direct TopUp. Give the agent your DigiCell PrePaid number and the amount you want to recharge. Credit will automatically be added to your DigiCell PrePaid account.


Visit any of our TopUp agents countrywide to purchase a top up using our e-Pin. Give the Top Up agent the amount you want to recharge. The agent will provide you with an electronic receipt that provides you with a unique top up pin to add credit to your Digi PrePaid number.

Direct Top-up Billed

Visit any Digi office countrywide to purchase Direct TopUP and get it billed to your Digi account at the end of the month or mid-month, depending on which billing cycle you are on. This can be done on a one-time basis or recurring basis.

Fone Top-up Gifts

Visit any of our Top Up agents countrywide to send a DigiCell TopUp gift. Choose from any our 20 special greetings available. Give the TopUp agent your DigiCell PrePaid number and the amount you want to recharge. Credit will automatically be added to the specified prepaid number along with the DigiCell TopUp greeting.

E-banking/ Go Mobile

DigiCell Prepaid customers can TopUp their DigiCell PrePaid account using Heritage E-Banking service or Atlantic Bank’s Go Mobile service. For more information please visit and!

Online Top-up

Using Online TopUp, you can top up yourself, a friend, or family member from anywhere in the world using your online DigiCell account. 

You can also TopUp online with any of the authorized Agents below using a Visa or MasterCard.


You can also use our DigiCell TopUp App or download eCreditBelize (Android app / iOS app) and top up by paying with your PayPal account.

Fone Top-up Belize

This service allows persons residing in the US to send a TopUp to a DigiCell Prepaid number in Belize. Just provide the International TopUp Agent with the number and amount you want to top up. For a listing of authorized agents in the US please visit our TopUp Agents.




What is double-up?

Recharge anytime of the day and get double your credit. You will get 100% free credit that will go to your bonus balance.

Can I do multiple recharges in one day?

Yes, you can recharge as many times in a day. Just remember when recharging make note of the amount allowed to be recharged. Account limits will be set to $1000 Primary Balance and $2000 Bonus Balance.

When does my credit expire?

Credit expiry for Primary balance remains the same where it is 30 days after purchase on recharges less than $30 or depleted by credit consumption. Recharges greater than $30 will be at 90 days after purchase or credit consumption.

What can I do with my balance?

With your Bonus balance you can:

  1. Call OnNet customers BTL & DigiCell
  2. Make International Calls & Text
  3. Purchase Text Bundles

Will I be notified of my purchase or consumption?

i. Yes, you will receive a notification upon purchase. 

ii. You will be notified 3 day before Credit expiry for both Primary and Bonus balance or if you have consumed your credit.

Can I check my account balance?

Yes, you can check your credit balance by dialing *20 to you can listen to your balance or text the word bal to 100 to receive a text version of your account balance.

Note you will receive multiple text depending on how many services you have at the time. 

 View Full Listing of Top-Up Agents Here