PrePaid DigiNet

No Deposit - No Credit Check - No Monthly Fee

PrePaid DigiNet offers fixed internet services to residential customers without a monthly bill. Customers will have the flexibility of purchasing plans on a prepaid basis using mobile credit. This is a fiber product and is available in all fiber connected areas.


Prices PrePaid DigiNet



Getting started is easy.

  • Customer applies for PrePaid DigiNet Service in office   
  • Digi technician conducts routine survey
  • The technician installs fiber modem
  • Customer activates a plan from their designated PrePaid DigiCell number
  • To activate a plan, dial *900# or *900
  • Select 2 to Buy a Plan
  • Select a plan to suit your needs
  • Plan is activated and you can now enjoy!




Why DigiNet?

PrePaid DigiNet is powered over a solid fiber network. This service allows customers to enjoy a super-fast internet connection of 5 Mbps to their homes, on multiple devices, without having to manage a data quota or a monthly bill.

Why PrePaid DigiNet?

This service allows PrePaid DigiCell Customers to purchase DigiNet plans for as little as $3.50 for 2 hours. Customers can enjoy a 5 Mbps connection on multiple devices, without having to manage a data quota or a monthly bill.

What do I need to sign up for PrePaid DigiNet?

To sign up for PrePaid DigiNet, all you need is a valid ID (Social Security Card or Passport) and a PrePaid DigiCell Number. Persons must be 18 years or older to apply.

What are the different PrePaid DigiNet Plans available?

Currently, there are six plans that customers can choose. These plans range from $3.50 for 2 hours to $90 for 30 days. See options below.

General Notes:

  • Download (DL) speed is how fast files are transferred to your computer.
  • All prices are inclusive of GST
  • FUP (Fair Usage Policy) applicable

What is the cost of installation, and do I need to pay a deposit?

There is NO installation cost and NO deposit required.

Who can sign up for PrePaid DigiNet?

Any person who lives within a DigiNet Fiber connected area can apply for this service.

If your area is not on the list below, stay tuned to your local radio stations and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for roll out details.

PrePaid DigiNet can be found in these areas below:

  • Belize City
  • Benque Viejo TownBelmopan City
    • San Jose Succotz
  • Corozal Town
    • Calcutta
    • Joseito
    • San Joaquin
    • Xaibe
    • Ranchito
  • Placencia Village
    • Maya Beach
    • Seine Bight
  • San Ignacio
    • Santa Elena
    • Esperanza
  • Ladyville Village
    • Los Lagos
    • Lords Bank
    • Vista Del Mar
  • Orange Walk TownSan Pedro Town
    • San Jose Palmar
    • Trial Farm
    • Pasadita Area
  • Sand Hill Village
  • Hattieville
  • 8 Mile Community
  • Dangriga
  • Hopkins
  • Pomona
  • Independence

What is the expected installation time for the service?

Standard installation time frame is within 3-5 business days. However, from time to time, installation may vary depending on the works required. Our technicians will call customers and schedule an appointment to install the service.

If I have High Speed Internet with Digi, can I switch my plan to PrePaid DigiNet?

Yes you can switch your plan as long as fiber has been deployed in your area. Your High Speed Internet Plan will be terminated to activate your PrePaid DigiNet Plan.


To do this, we encourage you to visit our Customer Service Offices near you. Be sure to bring along a valid ID, preferably Social Security Card or Passport.

Can I bundle my home phone and internet services?

Yes, you can bundle your home phone DigiTel along with your PrePaid DigiNet service. With the upgrade to our network, we now offer a DigiTel Max bundle for $30 and a DigiTel Unlimited plan for $60 monthly.

How can I purchase these plans?

PrePaid DigiNet customers have several options to purchase these plans. See options below:

  1. Dial *900# for a USSD pop Up menu
  2. Dial *900 for a voice recording
  3. You can also dial *100# to use the General PrePaid menu OR
  4. Send a SMS with the short codes below to 900

How do I know that my plan purchase was successful?

You will receive a text message confirming that your plan purchase was successful.

What should I do if my plan does not work after purchase?

If your plan is not working after you have successfully made your purchase, you can call customer service at 119 to query. 

If I connect multiple devices, will my service be affected?

You can connect multiple devices to your internet plan. However, your Wi-Fi experience will be dependent on how many persons are connected at the same time.

The duration of your plan will not be affected due to multiple users. Your plan will be available until the time has expired for the plan purchased.

Do I have to be at home to purchase a plan?

Plans can be purchased from the designated PrePaid DigiCell number from any location countrywide. You don’t have to be near the ONT to activate a plan.

What speed should I get with my PrePaid DigiNet Service?

The maximum download speed you can receive is 5Mbps.

How can I check my speed?

You can always download the Ookla app or check your speed through