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Digi Scholarship Program

Digi has established and successfully operated a secondary school scholarship program as a part of our commitment to the development of Education in Belize. Since its inception in 1991, over 600 students have successfully completed the program.  Students who are awarded a scholarship receive a full package of paid tuition and new textbooks for four years, for the High School of their choice.

Applicants MUST be:

  • between the ages of eleven (11) and fourteen (14)
  • entering High School for the first time
  • a Belizean or a child of a Belizean and have been residing in Belize for at least three (3) consecutive years


Digi Internet for School Program 

In 1995 the Internet for Schools Program was introduced and originally concentrated on providing free internet access to secondary and tertiary level schools at 512kb. Over the past 22 years the program evolved and now Digi provides free High Speed Internet to primary, secondary and tertiary level schools as well as select Non-Government Organizations/ Education Institutions across the country.  The program benefits students from over 200 schools on the program and over 50 NGOs/ Educational Institutions. With the roll out of DigiNet (our Fiber to the home) Digi is providing 130Mb of bandwidth to each school free of cost.



  • To provide access to information technology via High Speed Internet service to a broader range of educational institutions which includes primary, secondary and tertiary level schools/institutions
  • To offer more students access to the internet for educational purposes by adding schools each year to get free Internet service through Digi internet for schools program
  • To promote the company initiatives for providing free High Speed Internet service for schools, charities and NGO’s



  • School must have computer lab with a minimum of 10 computers
  • Ensure computers are accessible to all students for internet use with no less than (Ten) 10 computers available to the faculty, students, and staff.
  • The school must prohibit shared use of the internet access with third parties.
  • Institutions are required to sign T&C