Company Mission

Be fast and efficient in providing communication solutions, enriching the quality of life of customers, keeping them connected anytime, anywhere.


Company Vision

A highly proficient, customer-driven, strategy-focused, best-in-class solutions provider, outstanding in everything we do.


Company Profile

Digi owns and operates an extensive telecommunications network throughout the country of Belize encompassing landline, mobile, and broadband services. The company offers its expansive range of products and services which include:    

  • Mobile Voice, SMS and Data services over a 4GLTE Advanced Mobile Network
  • Residential & Business Landline telephone service
  • National and international call services
  • International voice and data roaming
  • Residential and Business High Speed Internet service 
  • Fiber-to-the-Home Broadband Services 
  • National and international data networks


With a focus on the future, the Company is committed to the development of the Belizean community, and the expansion of its product offerings to ensure that the country of Belize becomes a regional leader in telecommunications – as measured by quality of service - by the year 2020.


Corporate Structure


  • Nestor Vasquez – Chairman
  • Juliet Thimbriel 
  • Colonel George Lovell
  • Audrey Wallace
  • Eric Eusey
  • Rafael Marin
  • Douglas Singh 
  • Lorelei Westby 



  • Mr. Ivan Tesucum - Chief Executive Officer - Acting
  • Mr. Mohan Mahase - Chief Financial Officer - Acting
  • Mr. Moshea Smith - Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Marconi Leal - Chief Sales and Marketing Officer - Acting
  • Mrs. Zellie Tillett – Chief Customer Service Officer
  • Mr. Jose Riverol - Chief Technical Officer - Acting 
  • Mr. John Burns - Internal Auditor
  • Mrs. Mary Meighan - General Manager - Sales
  • Mrs. Pearl Sawers  - General Manager - Finance 
  • Ms. Jolene Avila - General Manager - Human Resources & Administration
  • Ms. Hortencia Ake - General Manager - IT Planning and Design - Acting
  • Mr. Oda Obando   - General Manager - Network Operations
  • Mr. Ashton Zuniga - General Manager - Network Engineering - Acting
  • Ms. Anaceli Perdomo – General Manager -  Service Operations
  • Ms. Janine Salazar – Deputy Chief Sales & Marketing