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How to find a store.

1. Look for the Digi logo displayed at the store.

2. Provide DigiCell number you wish to TopUp in Belize.

3. Pay using cash, Visa or Mastercard. 

Can't find a store?

Digi offers Online TopUp services to make it easier to keep you connected with loved ones. 

TopUp Now

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Getting started

1. What is International TopUp?

International TopUp is a product which allows for the purchase of Digi TopUp both online and in retails stores in the UK, USA, and Canada


2. Can I top up my PrePaid numbers from abroad? 

Yes, you can top up using the below options: 

  • Online at the Digi Website
  • Authorized retail shop or stores in the UK, USA and Canada


3. Will the value of the recharge amount be converted to Belize Dollars?

Yes, the recharge amount is in Belize Dollars.


4 Are TopUp sales final?

All sales are final; no void transaction, due to human, error will be accepted.




Common Questions

1. What is the conversion rate for credit purchased using International TopUp?

When purchasing credit using International TopUp, the conversion rate is dependent on the country in which purchase is made and is calculated using XE currency exchange tool that converts the currency using recent exchange rates.


2. What is the expiration period for credit purchased using International TopUp?

Standard credit expiration policy applies.  Any recharge of $1 -$29.99 BZ expires in 30 days, any recharge of $30 BZ and greater expires in 90 days.


3. Does Double/Triple-up promotions apply to this product?            

Yes, these promotions are applicable, only on promo days.


4. Will I receive my TopUp Data Rewards?

Yes, you will receive TopUp Data Rewards.


5. Can I send TopUp to an inactive number?

No, the receiving number must be an active on the Digi Network.