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Voice Mail               

Answer calls when you are on the phone, out of services area or away.

Personalize your Voice Mail with a greeting or message. Once a new message is in the mailbox, you will hear a stutter dial tone or see a flashing light

Dial 134 to setup your mailbox or retrieve your message.
Call Hold Put the caller on the line on hold in case they are busy or unable to speak to them at the moment.  
Speed Dialing Store up to ten frequently called telephone numbers and access them using 1 or 2 digit codes.

To Add New Telephone No.

Dial 51+ desired short code + telephone number +#

To use Speed Dialing Dial:

*+ desired short code +#

Caller ID

View date, time and caller’s name/number before picking up the call.

International numbers and numbers with CLIR (Caller Line Identification Restriction) will not be displayed. 



Other Services


Call Waiting - $10 activation fee; $2 monthly charge; $1 for each added feature 

Call Waiting allows you to receive incoming calls while on another call. You are then alerted by hearing a “beep” that prompts you of another incoming call. You can press the “flash” or “talk” button and you will be connected to the second caller. To return back to the first call, press the ‘flash” or “talk” button again.


Call Forwarding - $10 activation fee; $2 monthly charge; $1 for each added feature

Call Forwarding enables you to forward incoming calls to a Regular Telephone or Mobile number.  This can be done when your line is busy or when you are unavailable. In first activation, all call forwarding is sent to the voicemail number “5016109134” which is free to call.  Callers calling a mobile number and leaving a voicemail will be charged the regular call rate as a “mobile to mobile” call. If a customer changes the call forward number to a different number, then both parties will be charged mobile to mobile rate if the call is answered.

To forward all your incoming calls, dial:

21 + telephone number to forward calls to + #
To deactivate, dial: #21

To forward incoming calls when your line is busy, dial:
22 + telephone number to forward all calls to + #
To deactivate, dial #22

To forward incoming calls when no one answers your telephone, dial:
*61 + telephone number to forward all calls to + #
To deactivate, dial #61

*Once your Voicemail is activated; calls would be routed to VM instead.


Three Way Calling - $10 Activation

Three way calling enables the customer to talk to two other people simultaneously while on a regular or mobile phone. The call can be initiated or other callers can be included in the conversation.


Caller Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) - $3 MONTHLY

CLIR gives you complete privacy of your listed or unlisted number by restricting the number when you make calls.  Your number will not show up on the Caller ID display of the person you are calling.


Unlisted Number - $3 MONTHLY

Unlisted number ensures that your number is not listed in the annual telephone directory nor is made available from directory assistance service.


Group Hunt

Group Hunt provides your business with a tool in ensuring that you provide the necessary service to your clients. You are provided with several phone lines, however only one number is advertised. When your clients call the number, if it is busy, the call will roll over to the other phone lines provided.


Barring Options - Activation Cost - One time: $10.00  Monthly recurrent cost: $3.00 

Customers have the option to enable barring options for restriction of calls.  Please see below options:



Option 1 (DABE)

All calls blocked except emergency numbers.

Option 2 (DNID)

All International Direct Dialed & District Calls blocked.

Option 3 (DIDD)

All calls allowed except International Direct Dialed Calls.

Option 4 (DNI)

All calls blocked except Local Call & Operator Assisted calls.

Option 5 (DAI)

International Direct & Operator Access (113 & 115) blocked – all other calls allowed.