PrePaid customers have the flexibility to keep their PrePaid number while signing up for a monthly data plan that is billed monthly to an account. This is also perfect to share data across devices such as a Mifi and a tablet.  Get a plan just for you or share data with the whole family.


PrePaid Data Plans






What are Data Only Plans?

A Data Only Plan offers a customer a monthly data plan. It is ideal for PrePaid customers that would like to have their data billed to an account each month or to share data across one or more tablets, hotspots and connected devices.

What is the cost inclusive of tax of Data Plans?

Plans Price (Exclusive of Tax) Price (Inclusive of Tax)


$24.99 $28.11
Small $39.99 $44.99
Medium $69.99 $78.74
Large $89.99 $101.24
Familly $129.99 $146.24

How does a PrePaid number function with a Data Only plan?

PrePaid members can continue to use their credit to make calls and send texts, since they only have access to data from a Data Only plan. If a PrePaid member purchases a data plan, the monthly data allowance would take priority over any PrePaid data plan.

How can I sign up for a Data Only Plan?

To sign up for a Data Only plan, you can visit any of the Digi offices countrywide with the following documents:

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of identity (preferably Social Security card or passport ID)

A deposit may not be required for the following:

  • New customers with a letter from a company (Bank, Credit Union, Courts) confirming that they have a good credit history.
  • Existing customers in good standing with Digi. In order words, you do not have any past due or unpaid accounts.

How often do plan allowances refresh?

Each plan and its allowances refreshes based on your billing cycle. We offer two billing cycles: 1st of the month (Cycle 1) and 15th of the month (Cycle 2). Plan allowances do not roll over but will refresh with new allowances with each monthly cycle.

Can a Data Only plan be shared with others?

With our Large and Family plans, you have the flexibility to share a plan with friends and family.


  •  How many persons can share a plan?

With the Large plan, you can have up to 5 members, including the account owner. With the Family plan, you can have up to 7 members, including the account owner.


  •  Who is responsible for the shared plan charges?

There is one assigned account owner, who is responsible for the account charges, and that person owns all the numbers within the shared group.


  •  Who can be a member of a shared plan?

Any PrePaid or PostPaid customer can be a part of a shared plan.


  •  Can a shared plan member purchase an add-on?

With a shared plan, only the account holder can purchase add-ons. If an add-on is purchased, all members will have access to share the allowance associated with this add-on.

Which add-ons are available for Data Only Plans if I consume my plan data before the end of my billing cycle?

If you run out of data, you can purchase a 2 GB or 5 GB data add-on at any time during your billing cycle.


Data Add-on

Charge (Exclusive of Tax)

Charge (Inclusive of Tax)


Expiration Date

2 GB



One time or Recurring

End of billing cycle

5 GB



All prices listed above are inclusive of GST



Why do I seem to be using more data than usual?

There are several activities and settings which could use up data faster than you’d expect: 

  • Streaming more music or video, especially at a higher quality
  • Auto-playing videos on social media apps like Facebook or Instagram
  • Sending messages through iMessage, or using WhatsApp more frequently
  • Using your device as a navigator
  • Tethering your mobile device to another device
  • Setting your device to make automatic downloads
  • Automatically switching to data when the Wi-Fi connection drops
  • Downloading a lot of apps
  • Playing a lot of games which include advertisements
  • Leaving apps running in the background and checking them regularly

How can I better control my data usage?

  • Change your app settings to avoid using data in the background
  • Send texts rather than using iMessage or WhatsApp
  • Connect to Wi-Fi when you can
  • Turn off automatic updates for apps
  • Set your email to ‘Fetch’ rather than ‘Push’ in your device’s settings

What is the APN used to access Data?

The APN is DATA. This can be configured on most devices under Settings.