BTL Facts

Established on May 29th, 2007, Belize Telemedia Limited is the largest business, telecommunications and multimedia company operating in the country of Belize with a book value in excess of $300 million BZD.


With over 600 skilled and trained employees and 13 branch offices countrywide, BTL is focused on developing, engineering and expanding its state-of-the-art network and technologies. In its aim to provide the best in communications and multimedia services, the Company offers universal access and is the only full service provider operating in Belize and offering turnkey solutions for businesses, residences and transient customers while roaming. 


The continuous growth spurt of offshore businesses opening its doors in Belize further fuels the need for constant investment in broadband services in the country. In keeping with modern technological advancement, the Company has invested in the introduction of underground and submarine fiber optic network which has provided redundancy for all our international voice and data circuits. 


This initiative has allowed for improved long distance communication services, an increase in bandwidth and a plan for a future development in broadband services. BTL also offers redundant, resilient and robust infrastructure to provide communication services to international investors. 


With a focus on the future, BTL continues to expand its network to sparsely developed rural areas to serve and ensure that Belize remains at the forefront in telecommunications. Significant investment has been made with the installation of a countrywide Fiber Network from North to South of Belize including the Cayes to improve data services utilizing a range of technology to meet the needs of both the rural and urban customers.


BTL invested even further and in December 2016 launched the first 4G LTE Advanced Network in Central America. BTL’s mobile network utilizes the world’s most innovative wireless technology GSM (GSM 850/1900mhz, LTE Band 2&17 from Huawei) on a total of 111 cell sites countrywide.


Keeping abreast of technology is no easy feat when considering the country’s demographic layout. Despite its huge financial investments, the Government of Belize has continuously made efforts to ensure that the cost of internet and data services in Belize is more affordable to the consumers.


In September of 2011, the General Sales Tax of 12.5% was removed from all Internet services for both fixed and mobile and internet rates were reduced in November of 2012 by half the price. On April 30, 2013, all users of Internet services were given full and open access to VOIP based services and applications in Belize thus, closing the digital divide.


Today, BTL has over 21,000 fixed telephone line contracts, over 270,000 GSM mobile cellular customers and delivers directly and indirectly over 90% of the country’s internet services. With constant advancements and investments BTL has ensured that Belizeans be provided with the best available telecommunications services.