Prepaid Text


Enjoy cheaper rates with DigiCell’s Text Bundles. Go ahead and use your bundles to text anyone in Belize. Your bundle expires 30 days after purchase but can be extended with a second purchase of any text bundle.





1.  DigiCell MenU - Dial *100 or *100# (click HERE for details) 

2.  DigiCell Portal - Visit (click HERE for details) 

3.  Send a text to short code 300 


  *Prices are inclusive of tax 

4. DigiGo App - Download the DigiGo App from the Google Play Store for Android user or App Store for iPhone user.


Don’t have a bundle? 

  Local International 
Pay per use $0.28* $0.28*

*Prices are inclusive of tax 




Do I get a confirmation message when I purchase a Text Bundle?

Yes, you will receive the following message via text: “You have successfully purchased XX Text Bundle for $XX. Your new Text balance is XX which will expire XX”


Can I check my text balance?

Yes, you can check your text balance at any time by dialing *300 and following the instructions.



How is the purchase of Text bundles deducted?

Your text bundles are deducted from your Bonus Balance first then Primary balance.

How long does my Text bundles last?

All text bundles expires in 30 days.

Do I get a notification when my bundles are expiring?

Yes, you are notified 3 days before your bundles will expire via the following text: “Your Text bundle will expire in 3 days. Please use your remaining texts or purchase another bundle to avoid expiration".


You are also notified when you have 5 or less text remaining via the following text: “Your Text Bundle is almost empty. If you wish to purchase a new bundle, dial *300.



Can I extend my Text Bundles?

Yes, by dialing *300 and purchasing another text bundle. Your bundle will be extended to 30 days from your new purchase date. 


Do I get a notification when my bundles are depleted?

Yes, once your bundles are depleted you will receive the following text: “Your Text bundle has been depleted. If you wish to purchase a new bundle, dial *300."