DigiCell offers affordable international calling rates, so you can call any mobile or landline number anywhere in the world and receive calls free of charge. See our peak and off-peak international calling rates below:



International Rates Listing

Frequently Asked Questions


What is International Call service?

This service allows PostPaid customers to call any mobile or landline number anywhere in the world.

What are DigiCell's PostPaid International rates?

Click here to view PostPaid international Rates for mobile customers.

Are international calls billed per second?

Yes, all international calls are Per Second Billing. For instance, if you make a call for 15 seconds you are charged for 15 seconds. If you speak for 1 minute and 15 seconds then you are charged for 75 (60 +15) seconds.

How can I make an international call?

Just dial the following: International Access code+ country code+ Area code+ customer number

  • International Access Code is “00.” Click here to view list of country codes. Area Code for the City, Town, District or Island (in some countries, area codes are not used).
  • DigiCell Customers can use the “+” sign to replace the access code.
  • Customer Number - the number of the person you are calling.

For Example: To make a direct dial call to New York, dial 00 + 1 + 212 + 976 + 1666

Can I use the Operator to make international calls?

Yes, dial 115 to make paid and collect international calls.