Digi Culture, Music and Sports

At Digi we believe in preserving our national heritage and culture while promoting music and sports. With our support we keep communities connected, cultural diversity alive and celebrate our country’s uniqueness.  

At Digi, we strongly believe that promoting music, culture and sports means helping to shape our community and fostering unforgettable experiences. We actively participate in cultural activities year-round that ultimately highlight the diversity of our many cultures and people. 



2018-2019 Festivals and Celebrations include: 

Cultural Events 

    • La Ruta Maya River Challenge
    • Local & International Pageants
    • Garifuna Concerts
    • Holiday Festivals
    • Musical Competitions


Digi Summer Camp Programs

Digi Defenders Basketball Team

Digi Female Softball Team

Jewel Fury Football Club and Tournaments 

Belize Tourism Board Initiatives

Digi Music Month