Digi Monthly Story

Digi’s social responsibility is a significant part of the company’s commitment to supporting the development and advancement of Belizeans. 

Our philanthropic investments and community engagement efforts include initiatives that promote success in education, youth development, drive innovation, empower communities, and respond to countrywide disasters and emergencies. 

We acknowledge that thousands of Belizeans rely on our services to stay connected with the world; therefore, we’re committed to delivering reliable services and support initiatives that make a meaningful impact. 


Digi Community Development

Community Development 

Digi is an active corporate citizen dedicated to supporting organizations and projects that strengthen Belizean communities.  

Our engagement efforts target challenges in communities to help provide a safe environment for all. 

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Digi Education, Youth Development

Education & Youth Development

It is our mission to promote and foster opportunities for Belizeans which is why we support education, mentorship and volunteering programs to unlock these possibilities. By empowering future generations, we are helping to build future leaders.

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Digi Culture, Music and Sports

Culture Music & Sports

At Digi we believe in preserving our national heritage and culture while promoting music and sports.

With our support we keep communities connected, cultural diversity alive and celebrate our country’s uniqueness.

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