Bill & Payment

Many Belizeans have been facing challenges in making monthly bill payments due to the financial impact of COVID-19.  To help lessen the burden on our customers, Digi halted the suspension of residential accounts in arrears.  As we continue to adjust to the new normal, Digi wants to make it easier for customers to manage their account; and most importantly, keep enjoying all their current Digi services. 

Starting September 1, 2020, Digi will introduce a new bill format that will allow customers to easily identify their Current Charges and their Arrears. Customers with arrears can take advantage of our new payment option to reduce arrears balance with affordable payment agreements. 

Residential customers with arrears prior to August 2020 will now see two account numbers on their Digi bill: a Master Account number for Current Charges (example: 123456789)and a sub-Account number, starting with the letters ARR, showing Arrears owed (example ARR123456789). 


Benefit to Residential customers:

  • Quickly identify Current Charges Total and Arrears Total
  • Make convenient and affordable payment agreements to reduce Arrears
  • Easily manage and track payment history
  • Keep existing Digi services and avoid disconnection 


Understanding Your Bill: 














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Why has my bill layout changed?

Digi continues to adapt to the new norms and has made adjustments for customers to easily understand their bill. In order to assist customers with keeping their service, Digi has moved the customer’s arrears prior to August 2020 into a new account for easier management.

Why am I being provided a new account number?

Digi understands the financial strains associated with COVID-19. You are being provided with a new account number so that you can make manageable payments to your arrears balance.


Additionally, customers will have the ability to keep their current services provided that they pay their current bill amount in full.

Do I need to make payment to multiple accounts?

Yes. Customers with multiple accounts will need to pay their full current balance to their current account (eg. 12345) and their arrears installment to their arrears account (eg. ARR12345).

How do I know if I have multiple accounts?

Customers are able to view their accounts in the ‘Summary of Accounts’ section on page 2 of their bills.

What does it mean if I am only seeing one account on my bill?

If you do not have an account code beginning with ‘ARR’ in the ‘Summary of Accounts’ section on your bill, you are in good standing with the company. You will only need to continue to make payment to one account to keep your services.

If I do not have a payment or installment plan for my arrears, how can I make a request?

Customers who are unable to make payment in full can visit any DigiStore countrywide or contact the Credit Management Department at 119, message or WhatsApp 608-8888 or email us at to make a request.

If I don’t understand my invoice, where can I get assistance?

For your convenience, Digi has created an ‘Understanding your Bill’ video which can be viewed here. If you would still like to contact a Digi representative, you can call 119, message or WhatsApp 608-8888 or email us at