Ease di Squeeze with Digi 

Get a chance to participate and win in our Supermarket Sweep!


Digi is excited to announce the launch of its newest campaign – Digi’s Ease di Squeeze Supermarket Sweepstakes!

Starting January 27th, 2 lucky Digi customers will be given the opportunity to go head to head in an exciting supermarket sweep competition for a chance to win $500 in groceries courtesy Digi. For our Valentine’s Edition, 2 lucky couples will have the opportunity to go head to head to win $1,000 in groceries.

Participants will be selected by zones: Central, North, Cayes, West and South. Supermarket sweep events will be hosted in a zone bi-weekly at the participating supermarket in each zone.

Each Digi transaction that you conduct between January 27th and March 27th gives you a chance to be one of the lucky participants selected. The more Digi transaction conducted, the more chances you have to be a lucky participant.

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All Supermarket Sweep events will be aired live on Digi Facebook and LoveTV!



Terms and Conditions


How do you qualify?

  1. To qualify for an entry in the Supermarket Sweepstakes, existing and new Digi Residential customers must meet the below entry criteria:
  2. DigiCell PrePaid customers will receive a single entry for every $20 spent using their primary balance during the Promotion Period. This includes, but is not limited to, making calls, sending texts or purchasing data or combo plans
  3. DigiCell PostPaid, DigiNet, DigiTel and DigiTV customers will receive an automatic entry for every $20 that is paid towards their monthly bills. Bill is to be paid in full on or before the due date for their respective billing cycles, or before

                                                               i.      *Account must be in good standing (i.e., Up to date with current balance and any Arrears Payment Agreement)

  1. All Make the Switch customers who sign up for DigiCell or DigiNet service during the Promotion Period will receive an automatic entry
  2. DigiNet PrePaid Customers will receive a single entry for every $20 in usage
  3. Every new DigiCell PostPaid, DigiNet and DigiTV customer to sign up during the Promotional Period receives an automatic entry
  4. All customers who purchase a device from Digi during the Promotion Period will receive an automatic entry for each device purchased
  5. All new DigiWallet signups for the Promotion Period
  6. All DigiWallet customers receive an entry for each DigiWallet transaction conducted during the Promotional Period

When does the promotion start?

Starting Feb 6, 2 customers will be chosen from each zone to participate in the shopping spree.


Central Zone (Belize City & Ladyville) 
February 10 
Northern Zone (Corozal & Orange Walk) 
February 24 
Cayes (Caye Caulker & San Pedro) 
March 10 
Western Zone (Belmopan, Benque & San Ignacio) 
March 24 
Southern Zone (Dangriga, Independence, Placencia, Punta Gorda) 
March 31 

What do you win?

One participant in each zone will win $500 in groceries. The second-place participant will win a $150 shopping voucher to the participating supermarket.

How are you selected to participate?

Participants will be selected at random from the complete listing of eligible Digi Customers received during the promotion period

Digi accepts no responsibility for any failure for a customer to participate in the Promotion, including but not limited to, any delayed activations or installations for any reason

How will you be notified that you have been selected?

  • Participants will be selected and called on the Monday before the week of the sweepstakes for each zoneThe 2 Selected Customers will be notified by a Digi Representative calling the contact number used by the Selected Customer to participate in the promotion
    • Example: You will be notified on February 6th for participation in the February 10th event
    • Shopping location and time will be shared on this call
  • If the prize is declined or unclaimed as the Selected Customer cannot be contacted after three (3) phone call attempts, Digi reserves the right to re-draw another Eligible Customer at random
  • The prize is non-transferable, and Digi reserves the right at any time to cancel, modify, or supersede the Promotion due to circumstances outside its control
  • Digi’s decision is final and binding

How do I win?

  • 2 participants from each zone will be chosen to compete
  • The participant that comes the closest to $500 total value in groceries in his/her cart, without going over, wins
    • Participants will be given a list of must-have items
  •  Participants will have 2 minutes 30 seconds total to select groceries
    • Participants who do not have ALL must- have items in their cart at the end of the allotted time will be disqualified
    • No alcoholic beverages are to be included in the grocery items selected
    • Passing the $500 threshold results in automatic disqualification
      • Participants cannot take up more than 3 of the same items
  • Participant closest to $500 (without going over) wins. He runner up receives a gift card valued at $150 to shop at the participating supermarket

If both participants are disqualified for any reason, they will each receive a $50 

What if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie, there will be a tie breaking competition to determine a winner