DigiNet Double Speeds Extended

Digi will be doubling all DigiNet Residential & Business plans at no additional cost. Now Extended until February 28 2019.



  1. Promo has now been extended! February 28, 2019
  2. Prices are inclusive of Tax                                       
  3. Available for new customers - FREE Installation for Residential customers
  4. Some restrictions apply



What is the DigiNet Double Promotion?

Starting December 5, 2018 to February 28, 2019- Digi will be doubling the download speeds for all Residential and Corporate DigiNet customers.

How does the double affect my upload speeds?

Your speeds are a-symmetrical which means the upload is half the download; since your download speed will double, so will your upload speed.


Name of Plan

Original DL/UL

Promotional DL/UL










Is this applicable to all of the plans available?

Yes. All customers with our DigiNet plans will be able to enjoy doubled speeds on their internet service. All other services (DigiCell and DigiTel) that come with the bundled packages for DigiDouble and DigiTriple will remain the same.

How much does it cost to double my speeds?

Digi customers will enjoy double their contracted internet speeds free of charge.

Do I need to do anything to take advantage of this amazing promotion?

All DigiNet customers will automatically be upgraded on December 5th. There’s no need to sign up & no need to contact the office.

What happens after the promotion ends?

After the promotion ends, customers will then automatically revert to their originally contracted speeds.

How can I sign up for DigiNet?

Customers can visit the nearest Digi office to sign up for the amazing DigiNet service.

What is the cost of Installation?

During this time, the installation is free for all Residential customers.

If I have High Speed Internet, will by speeds be doubled as well?

This promotion is only available for our DigiNet service. If you’re in a Fiber area, there’s never been a better time to sign up for DigiNet! Sign up and take advantage of these doubled speeds!

If I sign up during the promotion period, do I qualify for double speeds?

Yes. New and existing customers will be able to enjoy this promotional increase during this period.

What are the restrictions?

PrePaid DigiNet Customers & Customers on the free Internet for Schools program will continue to enjoy their usually contracted speeds.


Where do I go to find out more about this promotion?

To find out more about this promotional package, feel free to call us at 0-800-DigiNet (344-4638), 119 (24/7 access hours) or send us a text message/WhatsApp to 608-8888. You can also visit any of our Digi offices countrywide from Monday to Friday during 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.