Out of credit? No problem. You can send Primary credit from your DigiCell PrePaid number to another, quickly and safely. For only $0.15 per transaction, credit can be sent to any active PrePaid number. Transfers can be any amount between $1 and $500.

It’s easy to use Send Mi Credit! Just follow the simple steps below:  

  • Dial *100# or 100*
  • Press 1 for TopUp
  • Press 3 for Send Mi Credit 
  • *Please enter the phone number to be credited
  • *Please enter the amount in dollars between $1 and $XX.XX
  • Press SEND to confirm transfer 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is DigiCell Send Mi Credit?

Send Mi Credit allows you to transfer credit from your own PrePaid number to another PrePaid number via your mobile handset.


What are the criteria to send Credit?

Senders must meet the criteria of having:

  • An active account
  • Adequate Primary Balance on their account
  • Can transfer only to a PrePaid DigiCell number

Is there a charge for Send Mi Credit?

Yes. The charge is $0.15 (Tax Included) per transfer.

Will I be charged $0.15 for unsuccessful transfers?

No. The sender is only charged when a transfer is successful.

What happens after I send the credit?

The sender receives a text message from +100 - “You have transferred BZ$1.00 to 620-1010. A charge of $0.15 has been applied. Your primary balance is BZ$2.42”


Note: Once the transaction is sent it cannot be reversed.

How will the recipient be notified that credit has been added to their account via Send Mi Credit?

Yes the recipient will receive a text message from +100 – “Someone sent you BZ$1.00 credit. Your Primary balance is now BZ$5.00 and is valid until 27/08/2018.

Is there a limit on the amount of Send Mi credit transactions I can send per day?

No. You can send as many transactions as you want per day as long as there is available Primary Credit to send.


Is there a minimum or maximum amount of funds that can be transferred by a Send Mi Credit transaction?

Yes. All transactions must be between $1 and $500.

What happens if I do not have adequate funds to complete the transfer?

You will be notified that you have insufficient funds to complete transaction.


Can I transfer dollar and cents?

No, all transferred must whole amounts, such as $1, $3, $10 etc. 

Can I use ‘Send Mi Credit’ on Double/Triple Days?

Yes. This service is available on Double Days. All transactions done on Double days will be sent to primary balance only and will not be receive bonus.


How does Send Mi Credit affect my credit expiration date?

Transfers between $1 - $29.99 will expire in 30days

Transfers between $30 - $500 will expire in 90 days

Does my balance have to be at $0.00 to receive credit?

No. You can have credit on your account and still receive credit, unless you have a balance of $500 which is the account limit.

Will the sender be able to view the recipient’s balance?

No. The sender will not be able to view the recipient’s balance. However, if the receiver’s account is at its limit, the sender will get a notification indicating that the receiver has reach its limit.

If I am changing my number, can I send my credit from the old number to the new number?

Yes, you can send credit from your old number to the new number at a cost of $0.15 per transaction. 

Can I use the Send Mi Credit service while roaming?

Yes, the service will work once the roaming network supports USSD services.

Where can I get assistance on Send Mi Credit?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our Customer Service Team via Live Chat or reach us at 608-8888 via WhatsApp or text message between 7am – 10pm.