Data Basic Plans


Enjoy MORE DATA, faster speeds, and a plan to suit your needs! Sign up for a Data Basic Plan to be billed monthly and keep your same DigiCell PrePaid number. Our plans start as low as $24.99 monthly.


 * All prices are exclusive of GST.



How can I sign up for a Data Basic Plan?

To sign up you can visit any of the BTL office countrywide.


Existing Customers:

  • Proof of identity, preferably Social Security card or passport ID
  • A deposit may be required.


New Customers:

  • Proof of identity, preferably Social Security card or Passport
  • Proof of address
  • A deposit may be required

What is the APN used?

The APN used is DATA. You can add this APN by going to your mobile settings.

How can I check my Data speed?

We recommend that you download the Ookla Speed Test app on your device to check your data speed. 


Which devices are compatible on the LTE network?

The following device settings are compatible:

-          It works on Band 2 and 17 for 4GLTE

-          It works on 850 MHz and 1900 MHz for DigiCell 4G/3G/2G services


What happens if I use all my data before the month ends?

We recommend that you buy Data Add-on to gain data access until the new billing cycle starts. You can also purchase a standard PrePaid Data Plan which will be deducted from your Primary Balance.

Can I add a member to my Large plans?


Only a PostPaid account holder can have shared members. PrePaid account holder of a Large or Family Data Basic plan cannot share/add a member.


How will I know when I used all my data?

You will receive text notifications when your data consumption reaches 50%. 


Can I use my data on various devices?

Yes, you can share your data across devices, for example, a handset, tablet and laptop.