Digi Learn

Digi, The Ministry of Education & other stakeholders are paving the FUTURE in education for Belize with its future-proof solution DigiLearn.

DigiLearn is a cloud platform solution that facilitates digital teaching and online learning. This all-inclusive solution for secondary schools includes Dell convertible laptops programmed with Microsoft Office 365 educational tools and is powered by Digi's latest innovative services: DigiNet and Digi Wi-Fi.

DigiLearn was piloted in April 2019 and launched on October 1st, 2019, at 8 secondary schools countrywide. Today, 3000 students at the 1st & 2nd from levels have access to this online learning platform.


With the continued support from the Ministry of Education and key stakeholders, DigiLearn will be available at all secondary schools in the near future - touching the lives of over 30,000 students nationwide. 

DigiLearn… “innovation in education”


St. Catherine Academy Belize City 
Pallotti High School Belize City 
Ladyville Technical High School  Belize City 
Muffles College High School  Orange Walk 
San Pedro High School  San Pedro
Edward P. Yorke High School  Belize City 
Corozal Community College Corozal 
Anglican Cathedral College Belize City 



Available to:

DigiLearn is available for secondary schools in Belize.  Public schools are selected by Ministry of Education panel for deployment and  private schools can contact Digi at 0-800-FOR-DIGI or email  prdept@livedigi.com


Key components of DigiLearn are: 

  1. Microsoft 365 applications (Word, Excel, PPT, Teams, etc.)
  2. DELL 3190 convertibles (laptop) with Gumdrop Case & Stylus
  3. Web Titan Web Filtering & Security Feature
  4. DELL Charging Carts
  5. Digi Wi-Fi service
  6. Training
  7. Support & Maintenance


DigiLearn Tools and Features: 



What is the purpose of DigiLearn?

Digi’s mission is to ensure, promote and foster educational opportunities for Belizean students as its primary civic outreach pillar. Digi supports education and innovation to unlock these possibilities by empowering future generations with the technology needed. DigiLearn is digitally transforming education in Belize.

What is DigiLearn?

This all-inclusive solution for schools includes Dell Convertible Laptops programmed with M365 Educational tools for students and teachers and is powered by Digi’s latest innovative services: DigiNet and Digi Wi-Fi.

Who are the partners/ Stakeholders of DigiLearn?

Partners/ Stakeholders of DigiLearn are Ministry of Education, Belize, corporate partner Microsoft, In the Gap Institute and BAPSS

Which schools in Belize are current recipients of DigiLearn?

St. Catherine Academy, Edward P Yorke, Anglican Cathedral College, Ladyville Technical High, San Pedro High, Corozal Community High School, Muffles High School, Pallotti High School.

Is DigiLearn only for public schools?

Public schools are selected by the Digi & MOE panel, however any private school interested in DigiLearn can request more information on the program via email prdept@livedigi.com

Already a recipient and need technical support?

Please send us an email to get technical support at digilearn@livedigi.com or send us a report via the DigiLearn portal or call us at 223-8175.