Digi is coming to your district.  Lookout for us on the streets of Belize countrywide and follow us on Digi Facebook page for chances to win great prizes this Krismus.


All you need to do: 

  • Like our Digi Facebook Page
  • Stay tuned to our Facebook page on the specific dates 
  • Digi Rep will be on the streets and will be asking 3 questions about our Digi producs, services and promotions. 
  • The first 2 participants on the street that answer all 3 questions correctly wins. 
  • The other 2 participants Live on our Digi Facebook that answers all 3 questions correctly wins. 


Read Full Terms and Conditions



What is Digi Di Drift?

Digi Di Drift is a Live show that will be done in different districts throughout Belize and on our Digi FB page, where DigiFans will get a chance to win amazing Krismus prizes.

When does Digi Di Drift begin?

Digi Di drift starts on November 28th and ends on December 24th.

Who qualifies to win?

The promo is open to the public so anyone 18 and over can enter for a chance to Win with Digi.

How do I enter?

Lookout for Digi in the different locations or join us LIVE on our Digi Facebook. Be sure to read Full Terms and Conditions.

When will Digi be in my location?

Digi will be in the following locations on:




Nov 28th

San Ignacio

Nov 29th

Belize City Downtown 

Nov 30th 

San Pedro

Dec 5th

Caye Caulker

Dec 6th

Orange Walk

Dec 11th


Dec 13th


Dec 17th

Punta Gorda

Dec 19th

Belize City

Dec 24th

What do I need to do to Win?

All you need to do is answer 3 Digi questions that the Digi Rep will ask, and you can get a chance to Win. It’s that easy.

There are 2 ways that participants can win

  • 2 participants on the street that respond correctly to the 3 Digi questions will Win.
  • 2 other participants Live on our Digi FB page that respond correctly to the 3 Digi questions will Win.

What are the prizes that I can WIN?

You will have a chance to win 1 of the below:


Gift Certificate

2 Crate Cokes 

Rum PoPo Set 

Alcatel 1X

Blu Dash 4

Shopping Certificates



Note: Prizes will be randomly awarded  and are in no specific order

What will the questions be based on?

Questions will be based on Digi products and services :

  • Digi Krismus
  • DigiNet
  • DigiTel
  • DigiLearn
  • DigiWiFi
  • DigiCell

Can I win more that once on the Live Show?

Participants are only allowed to win once on the Live Shows. We want to give all our DigiFans an opportunity to get in the Krismus fun!

How can I collect my prizes?

Participants will be notified by phone/Facebook or text of their prize. Winners will have 7 days to collect their prize at one of our Digi store locations.