What I Do With MY Data

Ever wondered why your data finishes so quickly?  Thought, "There MUST be some way to monitor and control it?"  Well there is!  We're here to help you better manage YOUR data allowance by providing information on your device, social media and how it impacts your data consumption.





Ever wonder if you could keep track of your data and how apps make use of your data bundle? Well here’s a quick and easy way to do just that and save on your monthly data usage.

For Android users go to settings > connections > data usage.
Enable the “Set mobile data limit” feature and set your data usage to keep track of your limit depending on the bundle you buy, e.g. 75MB, 400MB or 1GB. If you purchase monthly, be sure to set your app to renew every 15th or ending depending on your bill cycle.

This feature is great, because it shows you exactly how much data each app uses, whether it’s social media, games, or your operating system. So now you will know exactly how your data is consumed.


Not all devices comes with the data usage calculator in settings but you can download one of the recommended below:


Android and Apple – My Data Manager – Data Usage

Apple - My Data Manager 

Windows – Data Usage





The Introduction of the New Billing System, PrePaid customers can now get Real Time Data Balance.



To get an accurate data balance, end all of your data sessions. The quickest way to end all your data sessions is to turn off Mobile data.


Once all your data sessions have ended, send bal  to 100 or Dial *400 to check your data balance.  You will receive your real time balance as well as your expiration date.


NOW you get a notification when you have consumed over 50% of your data. Note that the remaining balance in notification may be less than 50% depending on when the automated notification is sent and if you have an active data session.


E.g. of Notification 

You have used more than half your Data M Plan (400MB). You had 179.56 MB left when this auto-message was generated.  


In this scenario when the 50% text was sent, the customer had consumed an additional 20.44 MB, taking their remaining balance to 179.56MB.



Data Saving Tips: Close Applications Running in the Background


If you like multitasking or using a lot of apps all at once, note that these could slow down your device performance, lower your battery life and even consume your data. 

To close active or unnecessary applications go to the recent apps screen and you should see a list containing all of the apps that you've recently launched that are running in the background. 

To close a task, press your finger on it and use a swiping motion to send it off the side of the screen, this will remove it from the list. Also, you can select either of one of two virtual buttons to end all active applications or to close them all.





Data Saving Tips: Facebook Videos


Facebook Videos are set to play automatically in your wall feed, however users can manage this feature by selecting Auto-play on wifi only in the Facebook settings.





Data Saving Tips: Manage Automatic Update in Play Store


Remember guys, you have full control over how your phone uses data, you just gotta know how.... App publishers usually update their apps to add new features and fix problems. The updates usually run in the background and will consume your mobile data if you are not aware. However Android users can manage apps to auto-update when using Wi-Fi only by simply following these steps:

Go to the Play Store App > Settings > Auto-update apps > select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.





Frequently Asked Questions


What is Data Education about?

DigiCell wants all its customers to understand how to use their data plans and purchase the best plan that suits their needs. 

What is the APN for DigiCell Data when setting up a new phone?

The DigiCell APN is "DATA"


For assistance in entering your apn, click here


Is text activation case sensitive?

Purchases made via text are not case sensitive.

How does data expiration work?

Since we launched our data plans, as is customary among the region, your data consumption or the duration of the plan determines your expiration, whichever comes first. 

Can you purchase using your bonus balance?

Plans can be purchased via Primary balance only.

How can I check my data balance?

Login to www.mydigicell.bz to check your data balance. You will need to register your PrePaid number if you haven’t already done so. If you are already registered but do not know your password, just type in your number under “Forgot password” and follow steps thereafter. 

What plans can DigiCell PrePaid customers purchase?


PrePaid Data Plans

Access fee

Data Allowance

Text Activation (to 400)



225 MB


1 Day


400 MB


3 Days


1000 MB


7 Days


2400 MB


30 Days


5000 MB


30 Days

If I have any questions about this promotion, can I call Customer Support?

Contact customer service through several mediums:

For 24 hours assistance dial

  • 119

For assistance from 7am to 10pm send a free message via