DANA is Digi’s new Automated Voice Assistant powered by an Artificially Intelligent, Voice User Interface.  

A Voice User Interface makes human interaction with computers possible via voice commands and questions.  Artificially Intelligent means DANA learns and improves interpretation skills and accuracy in her responses with the data collected from each interaction with customers.




What does DANA do?

DANA offers customers Directory Assistance via 113.


DANA offers customer service assistance to to DigiCell Prepaid & Postpaid customers via 119. Customers can call in to check their bill amount, bill due date, last payment, credit balance, plan or promo balance, request info on plans and promotions or even ask for the location of the nearest Digi Store.  

What if I don’t want to talk to DANA?

That’s ok.  At any time during a conversation with DANA you can be transferred to a Call Center Agent just say ‘transfer me’

What can I expect if I ask DANA for Directory Assistance?

  • DANA will respond and repeat the number you asked for 
  • DANA will provide an alternate number or address, if available    
  • If multiple listings are found, you may be asked follow up questions about address to narrow down search

What can I expect if I ask DANA for Customer Service Assistance?

Simply dial 119, select the applicable Menu Option and #AskDANA: 


Menu Options are:

  • Mobile Issues & Queries – 2
  • Billing Queries – 3
  • General & Promotional Info – 5




What’s my bill amount?

DigiCell Postpaid customers, you can expect to hear your bill for the current cycle. You will also be provided with the due date for the current cycle. 


When is my bill due?


You will also be provided with the due date for the current cycle. 


What’s my balance?

DigiCell Prepaid customers, you can expect to hear your primary balance, bonus balance, your data/minutes/text balance for any active plan or promotion.  You will also be provided with expiry dates.


DigiCell Postpaid customers, you can expect to hear your data/minutes/text balance for your active postpaid plan.  

What are the current DigiCell Prepaid promotions?

You can expect to hear about any current DigiCell promotion.  You may be asked if you would like to hear about Prepaid or Postpaid promotions. 

What is the address of the nearest Digi Store?

You will be asked for which city/town. 

What if DANA is unable to understand and help me?

After two failed attempts you will automatically be transferred to an Agent.  Examples of failed attempts are listed below:

  • E.g. I don’t understand your request
  • E.g. That listing is not available

How many Directory listings will DANA provide for any one call?

DANA will accommodate 3 listings per call 

Will DANA be able to transfer me to a third party when asking for Directory Assistance?

We apologize however, DANA does NOT accommodate transfers at this time.  

Can DANA speak multiple languages?

At this time, DANA can only communicate in English.