Digi Monthly Story

    As schools re-open, utilizing new learning models, we are more focused than ever on expanding our education initiatives and giving students the support needed to excel in today's ever-changing learning environment.  Moving classrooms into homes requires internet access for all students, and Digi is doing its part to enable virtual classes across Belize.

The kitchen table is quite a popular spot these days. A morning breakfast with the family transforms to English and Math with classmates, teachers, and parents.  This pandemic has taught us that connectivity is even more critical to our survival in the new normal.  For education, that new normal is distance learning.

For parents, educators, and other stakeholders invested in distance learning, we understand this is a unique time, and we are here to support in more ways than one:

  • With the support of the Government of Belize, we continue to provide schools in eligible areas with up to 500Mbps of fiber-optic broadband speeds at no cost.  Teachers can remain in classrooms executing virtual lesson plans while engaging students at home
  • DigiLearn, our growing innovative online-learning platform, equips 3,000+ students and teachers with full access to advanced technology and online learning tools used to establish virtual classrooms anytime, anywhere.

  • We continue to offer TRIPLED speeds in fixed broadband plans on our fiber-optic network, allowing families a seamless transition into online learning and working from home. 
  • In August 2020, Digi granted full academic scholarships to 25 new high school students, which not only serves as a symbol of our commitment to youth development, but also to lessen the financial burdens that families face in the pandemic.

  • Traditional DOUBLE UP for Mobile PrePaid customers have increased in frequency giving customers more value and greater connectivity with talk, texts, and LTE data. 

  • With the high demand for flexible and convenient internet access, we introduced new PrePaid Mobile data-only plans that allow students to utilize their mobile devices as hotspots to power laptops and tablets for distance learning and working.


At Digi, we believe students should be equipped with the tools and resources to attain a high-quality education no matter the circumstance or the table they are seated. Join us in spreading word about the ways we and others in the community are enabling teachers, students, and families to continue building a better future.