Digi Education, Youth Development

It is our mission to promote and foster opportunities for Belizeans which is why we support education, mentorship and volunteering programs to unlock these possibilities. By empowering future generations, we are helping to build future leaders.


Digi Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

For over two decades, we have established a scholarship  program whereby 600 students have successfully completed and advanced to higher education.

Students who are awarded a scholarship to the high school of their choice.

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Digi Internet School Program

Internet for Schools Program

For over 20 years, Digi has improved the quality of education in Belize by opening doorways to a wealth of information, knowledge and educational resources by providing FREE access to internet connectivity via its future-proof fiber optic network.






Digi Learn

Digi Learn

In partnership with the Ministry of Education & other key stakeholders, we are paving the future in education for Belize with our online learning platform: DigiLearn.

DigiLearn is a cloud-based, all-inclusive solution that facilitates digital learning for secondary schools in Belize using Microsoft Office 365 tools.

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