Community Development

Philanthropic giving at Digi entails both corporate contributions and involvement through volunteer activity. Priority funding areas include youth development, education; community support and safety; health and humanitarian services; and arts, media and culture. Some initiatives include:  

  • Safety & Security (Police Department’s “Du di Rait Ting” Program)
  • Environmental Sustainability (Reef Week Clean Up, Placencia Park Renovation, ClearWater Marine Aquarium Research Institute’s Manatee Conservation Project)
  • Health (Lupus, Cancer, Diabetes)
  • Community Sponsorships (Lifeline Gala)


More particularly, our funding focuses on organizations, programs and/or projects that are local or regional in scope. Charitable organizations are invited to apply for support through Digi Communication Department or Customer Service Teams. 


Requests from organizations should include:

  • Purpose/ aim of initiative;
  • Timeline for completion;
  • The initiative’s aim and impact it may have on the community


Online-Only Applications for Sponsorship Program

Interested in Digi assistance under this Program?  We use online-only applications to enhance our social-distancing measures while safely serving our communities. 

CLICK HERE to complete your application!