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The SMS Broadcast Service is a user-friendly application that allows business owners to reach multiple customers via bulk text messaging. Select a bundle that best suits your marketing needs and pay as low as $0.02 per text to reach as many as 10K customers at a time. See Process Manual 

 SMS Broadcast

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Perfect Business Solution

SMS Broadcast Service can be used to send details of promotions, updates, reminders etc.  The message, delivery time, and audience can all be customized to fit any business. These include: 

  • Retail       
  • Financial Institutions
  • Schools 
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Café, Bars & Restaurants
  • Sports Associations
  • And many more!


SMS Broadcast Features SMS Broadcast Features


What is SMS Broadcast Service?

The SMS Broadcast Service is a user-friendly web application that allows business owners to reach multiple customers via bulk text messaging using a dedicated keyword or SMS short code.

How can I sign up for this service?

To sign up for Digi’s SMS Broadcast Service contact us at 0-800-FOR-DIGI or click HERE for a Sales Representative to contact you.

Is there any monthly fee?

No. There is no monthly fee. First time business customers are billed a one-time activation fee of $100 and may require a one-time deposit of $200 based on standard credit checks.

How is SMS Broadcast messages sent?

SMS Broadcast messages are sent using a dedicated keyword or SMS short code. The keyword and short code will be displayed on the recipient’s handset as the sender of the message.

What is required to set up a keyword or a short code?

SMS Short Code:

  • Contains only numbers
  • Up to seven (7) digits in length



  • Single word with no spaces
  • Can contain only letters and numbers
  • Up to eleven (11) characters in length


- Preferable associated to your business name e.g. Radisson or ChonSaan2.

- PUC approval is required for the use of SMS short code and keyword.

How is the keyword or short code assigned?

You can request a preferred short code and/or keyword to be assigned for your SMS Broadcast Service and a Digi Sales Representative will confirm its availability. If the requested keyword or short code is unavailable an alternative must be chosen.

Can have multiple keywords or short codes for my account?

No. One keyword and one short code is allowed per account.

How do I purchase SMS Broadcast Bundles?

SMS Broadcast Bundles are only available for purchase via the SMS Broadcast application and will be billed to your account.


Click HERE for bundle details.

How long before my SMS Broadcast Bundle expire?

There is no expiration on SMS Broadcast Bundles.

Can I purchase more than one SMS Broadcast Bundles?

Yes. Multiple bundles can be purchased. 

Who do I contact for additional information?

For additional information on the SMS Broadcast Service, you can contact us via email at or call us at  0-800-FOR-DIGI



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