Bill Collection Agents


Customers can now visit the below agents to make payments to their accounts. 

Customer must be sure to bring along:

  • Account Number 
  • Mobile Number (To receive SMS confirmation)




Agent Address Contact  No.

Puma Roundabout Service Station

Supply Co. Ltd

2 1/2 miles George Price Highway 615-5327

A.A.A Loans

New Rd/ Queen St 610-0868

Puma Mile 2

Mile 2, Philip Goldson Highway 610-2366


100 Central American Blvd 607-9091

Jinlong Xiao

3 Euphrates Avenue 627-1778

J & K Shop (2)

2049 Teacher's Street


D * K Supermarket

3 Miles Philip Goldson Highway           




Agent  Address Contact No.
Cardinal Store Cardinal Avenue                                636-1840
Ninety Nine Shopping 4415 Nim Li Punit Street                          635-5868
Buca Puma Service Station #22 Constitution Drive 610-3333
Kalger's Supermarket #1 Toledo Street 605-1999
Westar Truck Stop Roaring Creek Village, George Price Hwy 610-3796



Agent Address Contact No.
Allan Zhen - Zhen Supermarket

George Price Boulevard, 

Benque Viejo Del Carmen                  




Agent Address Contact No.
Taisan  #4 Park St South                                      631-3338
Deng's Supermarket 7th Avenue, Santa Rita               622-2023
Jaime Viana   Ranchito Village                                 636-2788  
Hilda Reyes 

San Narciso Village                            

Aida Cob San Pedro 653-5099
Nimsis Internet Cafe San Narciso  615-9633
Aurora Store Xaibe Village 650-9104
Julip Porras Patchakan Village 633-8937
E&R Hardware  Sarteneja Village                                                   630-6863


Orange Walk 

Agent  Address Contact No.
Qwik 60 Benque Viejo Street                            610-6262
Sumana Store 13 Guadalupe Street 600-0303
Rosy's Store #3 Altun Ha Street 615-1263
Rubis Grocery Palmar Road 624-4627

Western Union

Misericordia De Dios

27 Guadalupe Street 632-8376
G Mart San Estevan Village 621-7105
D&Z Shop Guinea Grass Village 630-7372
Alvaro Sanchez San Estevan Village 603-7787
Carlos Sosa Yo Creek Village                                                     610-8509


Stann Creek

Agent Address Contact No.
Chen Hongmei (Grigalegion) Stann Creek Valley Road          608-9537
Otiz Grocery

181 Main St.

Independence Village 

Kwame Reynolds Sittee River Village 633-2608
Dong Chang Supermarket

Amado Mena Avenue,

Independence Village                               



Punta Gorda

Agent  Address Cotntact No.
 Jia Wang (Brads Store)  51 Main Middle Street                                     627-8332


San Pedro

Agent Address Contact No.
Ambergris Hope Pharmacy Pescador Dr.  624-5266
Divina Providencia 2724 Flamboyant St.          620-0394
Caye Value Wine 9 Lagoon Drive,                        623-8097
777 Supermarket San Mateo Area                                         600-2988


Caye Caulker 

Agent Address Contact No.
Candy Shop (J.C Max) 1 Traveller's Palm Street                                   620-6808


Important Note: Opening hours vary by Agent.  Please contact Agent to confirm.  All payments must be made in cash.