DigiCell’s 4GLTE Advanced mobile network gives you access to lightning fast internet speeds on your device, while also providing superior quality, enhanced voice clarity and extensive security. So go ahead and stream the music you love, indulge in those binge-worthy shows and video chat with your faraway loved ones.

Today, we continue to expand our LTE coverage, bringing high-quality coverage to more Belizeans every day. With DigiCell’s LTE Advanced service, when in an LTE coverage area and with a compatible device, DigiCell customers can:

  • Browse the web at incredible speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G
  • Send emails with large attachments easily and quickly
  • Video chat seamlessly with no dependency on Wi-Fi
  • Watch TV, movies or videos at blazing fast speeds on the go
  • Upload photos and videos to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more
  • Stream live music without buffering or download music in the blink of an eye
  • Play online multiplayer games while traveling or sitting around…and the list goes on!

Our easy and affordable PostPaid and PrePaid Plans gives you the freedom to choose a plan to suit your budget & lifestyle. So live, work and feel the rush with DigiCell Mobile Data, where everything is faster than before. 



What does my device have to do with LTE coverage?

Not all devices have the same capabilities. Older devices weren't built to take advantage of the network we have today. DigiCell operates a mobile network using GSM, UMTS and LTE Advanced technologies in the 700, 850 and 1900 MHz band. For example, LTE model phones must operate on LTE Band 2 and 17.

To verify the capability of your device, visit www.gsmarena.com.   

What does my SIM have to do with LTE coverage?

All 3G or 4G LTE devices will need a DigiCell LTE Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card. 4G LTE SIM Cards are required for DigiCell 4G LTE Advanced service. The 4G LTE SIM card is a small "smartcard" that is inserted into a 3G or 4G LTE device. The SIM card contains your subscriber profile, which includes details about your plan and features. 

What are the speeds that will be available?

The actual download/upload speeds experienced by DigiCell’s customers will depend on: 

  • Device specifications (device requirements, compatible speeds)
  • Number of users simultaneously connected to the network via a particular cell site
  • Proximity to cell site (meaning where you land within the coverage area) and movement
  • URL (web page) being accessed

When in a 4GLTE coverage area with a compatible device, DigiCell’s 4GLTE will allow for an average, shared "loaded" download speed and upload speed of at least 10 times faster than 4G speeds.